Lahore Eurasia Film Festival receives entries from Europe and Asia. This is the only festival in Pakistan which showcases films from only these two regions of the world. LEFF has gained popularity in film circles.

Last date of submission is 10-December, 2019

- Films should be only from Asia and Europe.
- Films between 1 to 30 minutes are eligible for LEAFF Awards.
- Films over 60 minutes are eligible for special screenings.
- Must have copyrights of submitted material.
- Poster (Optional)

- If accepted, festival can use film material for promotional use.
- Although not the determining factor, as an industry event, we give priority to films with attending directors. Therefore, please let us know if you are planning on joining us.

Overall Rating
  • Mehmet Tığlı

    Despite of not attending to screenings, It was a great honor to be a part of this amazing festival. Congratulations to all festival team.

    March 2020
  • Oliver Stiller

    It was great to contribute a film to LEFF! Really, to spread a serious topic in a documentary that reaches until Pakistan and let the people over there know what happened is an honour.

    Although I could not attend I was pleased to know a little bit of the festival. I like they did something that really few festivals do: They made small nice reports (I know how much work this is) and let the world know what was happening in the festival. As far as I know: this festival is pure culture.

    Thank you very much!
    Which films did win this edition?

    January 2020