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Lady's Wings

When an airline pilot’s troubled past resurfaces, she fights back to save her family and career from a trafficker that ruined her childhood.

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  • Montreal Independent Film Festival
    August 11, 2022
Writer Biography

Mayank Sharma (he/ him), a left-brained computer engineer has transitioned to a right-brained enthusiast. He embarked on his journey as a writer when he authored debut novel in 2017. When he attended the New York Film Academy's screenwriting workshop, screenwriting became his biggest passion and awoke his creative side.

He has adapted the first feature script, Lady’s Wings, from his novel inspired by some true tearjerking incidents. This is a compelling character-led concept that can translate into a distinctive and unique international crime thriller. It is a heroine's journey written on the lines of Slumdog Millionaire. This script has made up to Phase 3 which is the long list of the final top 40 in the UK Film Festival this year. It became a nominee in Montreal Independent Film Festival 2022. Mayank is delighted to share hs interview featured in the festival’s magazine:

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