In a culture that stigmatizes people living with mental illness, LABELED Film Festival challenges audiences to understand the person behind the labels. Stereotypically, movies portray those with mental illness as outcasts, debilitated, isolated, dependent, dangerous, unpredictable, comedic, annoying and incompetent.

LABELED strives to humanize them as, chances are, you know someone who is touched by mental illness.

Severe Persistent Mental Illness plagues 97,000 Utahns annually. The battles and struggles caused by mental illness are real, and its influence upon our community is felt by many. ‘LABELED’ will showcase thought-provoking films that explore mental health issues from numerous perspectives. It’s designed to bring together a community of health providers, government agencies, educators, policy makers, caregivers, and individuals who want to better understand and support those with mental illness.

For over 30 years, Alliance House has served adults living with a Severe or Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). They are part of Clubhouse International that champions psycho-social programs for those living with SPMI. Alliance House members have the unique opportunity to connect into a supportive and collaborative community to rebuild their confidence and have purpose.

Alliance House is the host of ‘Labeled’ and recognizes that the power of creative expression is a catalyst that inspires communities to take action. The goal of the festival is to dispel stereotypes and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Labeled films reflect the realities of stigmatization – the feelings of being afraid, ignored, devalued, rejected or irrelevant but also emphasize that mental illness is not a fault, not a weakness, not a lack of character, not hopeless. It is an illness. Learn more at

the Labeled trophy

Multiple Categories across positions in filmmaking.
Prestigious Prizes.
Additional Screening Opportunities.
Possible Grants Towards Next Projects.


1. All submissions MUST include a cover letter which details why the film was made (50 words minimum) and how it relates to mental health (50 words minimum). Entries without a cover letter including this information will not be considered. (The option to add a cover letter becomes available on FilmFreeway before and after final submission.)

2. All submitted work must be original, and the submitter must either have festival rights to the film or permission to submit it.

3. Please ensure that non-English language films have English language subtitles.

4. Films previously submitted to the festival will not be considered.


1. The International Film Competition awards jury will be comprised of people with backgrounds in film, in mental health, or both. The decisions of the jury are final. Unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback on films which have not been selected for an award.

2. The winning films selected by the jury will be screened during the festival and honored at the awards ceremony.

3. For work that has been selected, the festival will be in contact regarding a high quality screening copy. We cannot pay for related costs or arrange transport, but will cover return.


1. All films submitted must have full festival clearance, including written consent/contracts where appropriate for individuals identifiable within the film (paid or unpaid), full musical clearance and third party clearance. It is also the responsibility of the person submitting the film to ensure that any necessary agreements are in place and valid prior to submission. By submitting a film, the person doing so guarantees that all required permissions have been obtained.

2. We may utilize clips of selected films in order to publicize the festival and related events. Submission of an entry form is considered granting the festival permission to do so.

3. High resolution still images will be requested for selected films.
Creativity in Mental Health
Social Change
Narrative or documentary
Any genre
Films to have a message or an emotional response
Short or feature

Overall Rating
  • Joe Puente

    A wonderful contribution to the myriad activities and events one can participate in at the SLC Public Library. I hope they continue to use the venue for such an important cause.

    May 2019