La Serra Trema.
A two days film festival, the 26th and 27th of June, that will be devoted to handcraft, gore and rural cinema.

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It is going to be an event for brave hearted people, who love shivering.
The festival will take place among the beautiful hills of Tuscany in the pavillion of La Serra di San Miniato (PI)

What do we have in our agenda?

Well, of course a lot of films and web series, but there will be so much more!
A tematic retrospective that will be announced soon and other many activities all about the handcraft, the gore and the rural side of horror.

The entrance ticket for the the festival will be free so anyone is welcome to show up and join the program, watch the films or have party during the dancing nights.

The overall winner of the competition will gain 300€ (335$).
The jury might assign further special mentions on its own discretion (e.g. "Best Script", "Best Special FX", "Best Acting Performance"...) but these will not involve pecuniary duty to the festival.

The festival is open to a web series competition.
The works must be relevant with the philosphy of the festival: handcraft, gore and rural.
It does not need to be unreleased, it can be a complete or an on going series:
we are going to evaluate the general idea and the pilot episode.
All the not italian speaking film must be subtitles in english or italian.

The jury will evaluate the film treatment beside the pilot episode so it is compulsory to supply this during the submission.
It is possible for the same author to submit not more than 3 works. For the different submission fees see the Category & Entry Fees section.

You can submit the works via mail or preferably uploading them on a sharing platfrom like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Vimeo, etc...

The creative direction will decide the admission to the contest and communicate the accepted films within the 10th of June.
These works will be shown during the festival (no fees will be payed to the author).