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La Petite Souris

"Yaman, a ten-year-old boy, is like many of his generation, yearning for quick wealth. However, he is constantly at odds with his traditional father, who follows the same daily routine and wishes Yaman to do the same. One day, Yaman crosses paths with a wealthy individual who offers to teach him the secrets of acquiring immense riches. Impressed by Yaman's audacity, the man agrees to his request on the condition that Yaman works for him one day a week to learn the art of wealth-making.

Yaman believes he has finally gained his freedom and achieved his goal after meeting Abu Shadi, but soon discovers that the man never taught him how to create wealth. Instead, he imparts a harsh life lesson that Yaman must learn to navigate."

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  • Karam Awni Awadat
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Writer - Karam Awni Awadat