Numerous artists, especially beginners, choose to launch with stories that are too ambitious. What makes a short film perfect is how the story is being narrated, not how innovative the story is. A strong script, exemplary directing, engaging cinematography, superb lighting, and smooth editing are all the elements for a perfect short film.
There are several movies that are intriguing but have sloppy recording. Audio is one of the most critical cinematic aspects, and any film director must consider it before filming. Actors, not models, should be followed. Onscreen stories must be presented in a novelistic way, not in a theatrical manner.

La Notte Piu' Bella, as an annual event, focuses to display international superb  movies from all over the globe as art among different audiences. LN+B intends to encourage indie filmmakers to convey their knowledge and awareness through their movies  to the spectators all over the globe.  

La Notte Piu' Bella Film Festival, located in the heart of Rome, the city of Cinema, invites the best filmmakers from all over the world! We choose to feature stories from a range of genres, forms, and cultures! We're looking for films that showcase the creativity, ability, and diversity of indie artists that leaves the spectators in awe.

Best Short Short (​$100/ Certification /Official Laurel)
Best Short (​$200/ Certification /Official Laurel)
Best Mid-length ($300/ Certification /Official Laurel)
Best Feature ($1000/ Certification /Official Laurel)

Any films in a language other than English must have English subtitles.

By sending your film to us, you grant us permission to display it in front of a live audience.

There are no limitations on the work's premiere status or whether it has been made available digitally.

You, as the applicant submitting the movie, accept that all submitted material, including music, is yours justly, completely, and rightfully.

We welcome films in all genres from all nations.

Based on the press kits you sent, we can use excerpts from your film on social media.

We reserve the right to make modifications to our terms and conditions at any time.