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The LaLa Love Dream

In the Youth Society of LUCKY SHAMROCK band, S.H.E believes that as long as there is love, any seemingly impossible dream shall be realized for a good ending. As she fights for equality and freedom, she supports the LGBT community with her voice so that Taiwan can become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. Shi-Heng, a brave maverick girl, shines like an eternal flame in Greek Mythology, to see through the journey of the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Once there was a lesbian couple born into this world in Taiwan, a girl, Shi-Heng, grows up in a low-income upbringing, and then pursues her dream of becoming an actor, comes across another beautiful girl, Fang-Jun, from a well-off background. For the chance of starring in the play of school drama club, she braves to play the male leading role to attract the female audience. When rehearsing for the Shakespeare comedy, All's Well That Ends Well, where love is regardless of gender, she suffers from the vicious homo-phobic rumor from admirer-turned-assailant boys from neighboring boys' school, which leads to school discrimination. Shi-Heng and Fang-Jun are broken up by teachers and parents into a long-distance relationship across Taiwan and Japan.

As Shi-Heng joins LUCKY SHAMROCK band and sings a hit love song, Rainbow, she roars at highlighting while voicing against, the inequality of the construct of traditional marriage, in support of their fans' advocacy of same-sex marriage equality, even in the face of sacrificing their celebrity image, or even losing their place on the stage. As the Taiwan all girls' idol group seeks to turn around their unfortunate lives, in support of free love and the courage to pursue their soulmates. Her courage changes the history of same-sex marriage equality while allowing their loving dream to come true.

  • Chi Hsiu Chen
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    Chinese, English
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  • Capital Fund Screenplay Competition
    July 4, 2017
    2017 Winners Ten Finalists
  • LGBTQ Screenwriting Competition
    New York City
    May 19, 2019
    Semi Finalists
Writer Biography - Chi Hsiu Chen

Zshow Chen
She works for a start-up company as a Brand Marketing Planner in Taiwan, Asian Silicon Valley and a writer-director of diverse short films The One, Run Away from Smoking, Dark Forest and documentary films Member, Before Noon who also studies in a workshop of Film Project and Screenplay, Film Marketing and Distribution in TNUA, worked with Gabrielle Kelly Associate Arts Professor of NYU TischAsia and Drew Roublick, Producer & Casting Director, optioned Rock And Roll Dream for international media producing program. IMDb,

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ZSHOWFILM Studio founded in 2011, dedicated to capturing the value of human kindness through camera lens, develop the film screenplays of high drama for international Chinese-language movie market, innovate the subject matters of stories, and create a great diversity of film genres. With a creative way, share the story about life experience, illuminating your heart and changing the world via Film x Music. Enjoy your life via film.