As queer artists, we have the ability to change the tides. Our stories roar loudly like a thunderous storm at sea. Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival encourages you to share your art, make a statement, and most importantly, make waves. This is an all-inclusive, diversity-driven film festival for LGBTQ+ filmmakers and artists hosted in Las Vegas, NV. The second annual run will take place November 8 - November 10, 2019.

LVQA will exhibit a variety of visual media work with each project having had a member of the LGBTQ+ community playing a prominent role in its production, or a message that speaks directly to the community through story and art.

The festival will kick-off with an opening social mixer and Annual Ball on November 8. Join us and immerse yourself in one of the most influential experiences of queer culture. Our Annual Ball is an opportunity for you to come and express your most authentic self. Show off your sickening look and slay the runway while perhaps snatching some trophies. Film screenings will then run on the weekend of November 9 - November 10 for ticketed audiences.

Though the festival primarily seeks to encourage community and share the creative talent in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas, LVQA is open to submissions from all-over. Just as the LGBTQ+ community is diverse in its people, we want to showcase artistic endeavors and projects that contain just as many multitudes. So what's your art?

LVQA is accepting short and feature length projects. Short projects will be determined as any project with a runtime between 3-20 minutes in length. Feature projects will be determined as any project with a runtime between 75-120 minutes in length.

There are three main points of criteria for consideration into the festival, but any submission need only to meet ONE (1) in order to qualify. They are listed below:

1) A member of the LGBTQ+ community must hold a major role in production of the project (Director, Writer, Producer, DP, Editor)

2) A member of the LGBTQ+ community must be the lead talent, or part of the lead ensemble of the project

3) The story, narrative, or theme(s) of the project must come from within the LGBTQ+ community

Nevada residents are allowed an Earlybird or Regular Deadline fee waiver upon request via email. Late Deadline fees apply for all submissions.

Format specifications: DCP REQUIRED PER THE FESTIVAL VENUE. If selected filmmakers cannot provide their own DCP, conversion can be provided with a fee. In such case, a .mov/.mp4 file will be accepted.

For further information or clarification, please email or visit the LVQA website.

Overall Rating
  • We are so thrilled to have been selected for the LVQA Film Festival! It was such a reward to have been awarded 'Best Direction' and 'Audience Choice' (Sunday Block 4). A young Festival with a bright future.

    November 2019
  • Glasgow Lyman

    Everyone at LVQA was warm and welcoming. The quality of the selected films was quite high, and we enjoyed seeing so much diversity of cinema. We had a great time at the festival and hope we get to return at some point!

    November 2019