For ten years, LOCO has been making London laugh by showing the very best of international comedy film. In 2023, LOCO will be back, cosily rehomed with Picturehouse and with a programme that’s fuller and funnier than ever.

To celebrate LOCO’s comical decade, we’re running a one-week comedy filmmaking competition. Taking part is easy and you have the chance to pick up an award, to get free access to our exclusive training programme next May, to enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne at one of our industry networking events, and to have your short film shown at LOCO 2023 as part of the BAFTA-accredited shorts competition.

The competition is now LIVE and you can check out the requirements below. You have until 10 a.m. on Monday 10 October to write, plan, shoot, and edit your comedy masterpiece. It can be any length between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. There is an entry fee for the competition of £10. All films that reach us by 10th will be entered into the competition and will be judged by a jury of actors, writers, and industry professionals. On 28 November, we will announce the funniest frantically-made film of 2022.

In order for your film to qualify, it needs to include a few choice ingredients. Because this is LOCO’s tenth anniversary, these ingredients all relate to the number ten. Here they are…

• You are free to choose your own title, but it needs to include the word TEN. To spice things up, the letters can form part of a longer word, such as TENdency, TENsion, or incompeTENt. The choice is yours.

• We’re very keen on comic props at LOCO. We’d like you to include either ten green bottles, ten bowling pins, or a £10 note somewhere in your film.

• We can’t wait to enjoy your funny dialogue. Somewhere along the line, we’d like one of your characters to say (or write) ‘I’ll take ten of them.’

• And finally, we’d like your story to include someone either licking their fingers, polishing their fingernails, or trimming their toenails.

Otherwise, you are free to make your comedy short in any way that suits you. It might be alternative, dark, farcical, observational, parodic, physical, romantic, satirical, surreal, whimsical, or in any other style that you fancy. Remember that your finished film should be between 10 seconds and 10 minutes long. The only other thing that matters is that it should make us laugh.

For further details about the rules, check out the rest of this page. If you have any questions, please email

A prestigious award for best speedy short, presented at LOCO festival in May 2023.

A screening of your short film at LOCO 2023 as part of the BAFTA-accredited shorts competition.

Free access to LOCO's exclusive training programme next May.

Access to one of LOCO's industry networking events, complete with a celebratory glass of champagne.

1. To be eligible for the competition, all films must be made in their entirety between 3 October 2022 and 10 October 2022. Films must have a running time of between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. All competition rules must be adhered to, especially those concerning elements (including prop, dialogue, plot point) required in each entry. Precise information can be found on the LOCO website.

2. The primary contact for each submission must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music, images and other material within the film. By completing this submission, the applicant confirms that they possess all rights necessary for the screening of the submitted film at this film festival.

3. If the original language of the film is not English, the preview and screening copy must be subtitled in English.

4. All films submitted to the competition must be available for screening at the 2023 LOCO London Comedy Film Festival in May 2023.

5. All submitting filmmakers must complete their submission and provide the correct payment (£10) through FilmFreeway or the submission will not be considered.

6. The final selection of all films and their placement in the programme is the responsibility of LOCO programmers and their decision is final.

7. Due to the large number of submissions we are regrettably unable to offer feedback on individual films or unsuccessful entries.

8. All filmmakers will be notified as to whether their film has been selected, by 28 November 2022.

9. By completing the submission the applicant allows the reproduction of stills and film clips (under 1min) for LOCO publications, promotions, press and TV screening.

10. Additional promotional materials such as press packs are not necessary at this stage and should not be included.

11. By completing the submission you agree to LOCO contacting you regarding the status of the submission and with additional relevant information to the submission process. If your film is accepted to the festival, LOCO will request any materials and information required and keep you informed so that we can produce a successful screening.

12. By completing the submission you agree to the terms and conditions in this document. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the submission being disqualified.

13. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.