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In the roaring 20s, when American greatness only applied to American Whiteness, Ada “Bricktop” Smith, Eugene Bullard, and Langston Hughes escape the yoke of Jim Crow by moving to Paris, France, to unapologetically be themselves and to follow their dreams.
EUGENE is young, brilliant, and dreams of becoming an aviator. When his intelligence is revealed, a vile sheriff, tars, feathers, and lynches Eugene’s sharecropper parents.
Narrowly escaping, Eugene has a chance encounter with a young LANGSTON (JIM), who is also on the run for defending himself from a bigoted police officer. Jim and Eugene make a pact. Do not let them take everything.
ADA is young, unapologetically Negro, unashamedly Irish, and with a quick temper. Her mother teaches Ada how to fight the system by disguising the fight in a pretty package.
Ten years later, Ada is living in Harlem, working as a second-rate Blues singer. She bonds with Jim, now a struggling writer.
Jim becomes the victim of a violent homophobic hate crime. He begins drinking heavily. He convinces Ada that they both need a fresh start in Paris, France, where Eugene is now a club owner.
Jim and Ada arrive in France and are stunned when they realize that Eugene is a celebrated war hero. Eugene and Ada are instantly attracted to one another, but Ada soon discovers that Eugene is engaged to a wealthy Countess.
Jim, Ada, and Eugene’s idealistic view of Paris begins to crumble when they are confronted by a racist and envious social climber who schemes to undermine their budding success. Disheartened, Jim concludes that he cannot conquer abroad what he will not face at home. He returns to Harlem, and frantically begins writing a novel.
Ada remains in Paris and works her ass off, establishing her “brand” as an entertainer. She becomes ill but is denied medical treatment at the American Hospital of Paris because she is Black. Eugene unleashes his rage upon the hospital and saves her life.
Taking incredible risks, and through the generosity of wealthy benefactors, Ada begins making moves to become a boss bitch in Paris.
As Eugene climbs the European social ladder, Ada becomes the toast of Café Society, and Jim gives birth to the Harlem Renaissance.

  • Darryl J. Adamson
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  • Academy Nicholl - NYC Film Festival

    Quarter Finalist
Writer Biography - Darryl J. Adamson

Chicago native and Dallas resident, Darryl Adamson was a former finalist in the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, Darryl’s educational background in Journalism and Slavic Studies has given him a wide base from which to approach many topics.
From university campus newsletter editor to publisher of “The Last Chance” newsletter for the Dallas Independent School District, Darryl has shared and honed his craft by engaging with organizations such as Roadmap Writers.
An accomplished Jazz pianist and vocalist, Darryl has been wowing audiences from all over the Southwest to Chicago's famed Rush Street, sharing the stage with artists such as Gerald Albright, Marion Meadows, Pieces of a Dream, Phyllis Hyman, Kim Waters and Yarbrough & Peoples.
He recorded for the GRP label with Jazz Great Arturo Sandoval and the Brecker Brothers.
As a member of the Dallas based sextet, "Fingerprints", he helped push their "summertime Music" CD to top twenty status in radio, records and the Gavin report.
His literary skill combined with his musical mastery are a contribution to his unique voice.

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