The London International STORY FIRST Film Festival is an international festival. Our inaugural festival took place in January 2018, at a fantastic independent cinema in London with top-quality projection facilities - and we are now opening our entries for our 2019 festival.

We're looking for brilliant fiction short films (animation and live action) up to 20 mins (we will consider up to 25 mins as an exception but prefer them to be under 20) completed after 1st January 2017, from anywhere in the world, in the following categories:
- BEST GENRE FILM (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller)

As filmmakers ourselves, we believe that great storytelling lies at the heart of good films. We think a compelling, entertaining or provoking story with original characters and ideas is far more important than the camera used on the film, or the lighting budget, or much else for that matter (except sound; good sound is vital).

That's why we started the London International STORY FIRST Film Festival and Awards - to reward filmmakers for their storytelling abilities rather than their proximity to oodles of cash. We also believe film festivals needs to do more to address inequality in the industry - we have been to too many where only 10-20% of acceptances are women and there's very little ethnic diversity

We keep our submission fees low to encourage submissions from productions that may not have the backing of big production companies or a wealthy relative. We strongly encourage applications from under-represented groups, such as women and BAME filmmakers, and will judge projects on their storytelling skills and filmmaking craft, regardless of budget.

If you have a short film that fits the bill, please submit it to us! We can't wait to see your work.

Awards & Prizes

Prizes for our 2019 festival are TBC. Official Selections will screen at our festival in January 2019.

For each Seasonal deadline, we will shortlist up to 15 films in each genre category:
(Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Genre film)
Shortlisted films will receive a 'Nominated' laurel and details of the films - including photo, trailer, links and description - will be published on our website. These films should consider themselves shortlisted for the festival - we will then select our Official Selection from all the shortlisted films at the end of our call for entry.

Rules & Terms

​1. Short films submitted to London International Story First Film Festival should be under 25 minutes, There is no minimum length for submissions. All films must have been completed after 1st January 2017.

2. Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles.
3. We only accept online screeners, digital copies, or a link to an online video (such as YouTube or Vimeo). Please include a valid password if required. We will not accept films with low sound quality, or the absence of subtitles/captions for non-English films).

4. Entry fees are payable through FilmFreeway payment systems and are non-refundable.
5. By submitting your film you acknowledge that you own or have full permission to use any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, permits necessary to present the work. The London International Story First Film Festival are not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work. In the event of copyright disputes accepted films will be excluded from the competition.
6. Submitters agree that clips from films and other materials related to their project may be used and/or published in the website, digital and print event programs, and for any promotional purposes deemed appropriate by the festival. We will never publish your full film publicly without your permission.

7. Prizes will be as mentioned and no equivalent financial amount can be claimed. We keep our submission costs low to allow as many entries as possible from films with a range of budgets; so all entry fees go towards running the awards.

8. Filmmakers wishing to purchase a review of their film can make no suggestion of winner or nomination status when publishing our review in their marketing material, except in the event that their film is nominated or wins one of our awards. Whilst we will endeavour to provide constructive and positive reviews, we can make no guarantee that purchased reviews will be entirely favourable.

9. Any films containing pornography, actual harm of people or animals, or incitement to racial hatred, will be disqualified and no refunds given. 

10. By submitting your film you give the London International Story First Film Festival permission to screen your film at our event in January 2018, should your film be chosen as part of our Official Selection.

11. In the event that we select your film for our screening, you will need to provide a copy of the film on Bluray with a Quicktime or mp4 as a backup. This will need to be received a minimum of 3 weeks before the screening date in order to test the screening copy. In the event that a suitable screening copy is not received in sufficient time, London International STORY FIRST Film Festival reserves the right not to screen the film at our festival.

12. For the avoidance of doubt, our seasonal selections are part of our selection procedure and a way of ensuring as many filmmakers as possible receive recognition for their efforts. Nominated films in the seasonal selections should not be considered part of our 'Official Selection' - these are shortlisted films from which we select the final Official Selection for our live event.