Mission Statement: Using the art of Film to lift the spirit and celebrate who we are as children of God. Envision, Create, Illuminate.

The LDS Film Festival was founded in 2001 by Austrian filmmaker Christian Vuissa, who envisioned a place for LDS Filmmakers to network. As many as 7000 people come to view films with a fairly wide spectrum of religious content to controversial topics of the day, or anything in between.

The LDS Film Festival is NOT closed to only members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Participants of ALL faiths are encouraged and welcomed with no religious prerequisite.

The LDS Film Festival is not endorsed or owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Awards are given in the form of certificates, trophies and cash. This year, categories include:

Best Feature Film (dramatic narratives over 50 min)
Best Short Film (dramatic narratives under 50 min)
Best Feature Documentary (over 50 min)
Best Short Documentary (under 50 min)
Best Music Video (under 10 min)
Best Wedding Video (under 10 minutes) NEW!

MATURE CONTENT: Due to the nature of the festival, we hold to standards that exclude the use of nudity, over-the-top violence or hard language.

RESPECT FOR ALL: The festival reserves the right to reject films based on content attacking not only the LDS Faith, but any other specific group as well.

DUE DATE: If there are films that are not entered by the December 30, 2020 due date, they might still show (with special permission), but will NOT be part of the competition.

STUDENT RATES: Student rates are now available for the festival. A student who turns in a film must be ready to prove attendance of the university or school they are enrolled at to take advantage of the discounts.

All films have to be:
1) Original content, holding the representing filmmaker responsible for all rights.
2) Available to the festival by January 15, 2021 (or shipped by this date) or it will be excluded from the program.
3) Formats include MP4, Bluray or DCP.

Overall Rating
  • Travis Thoms

    Festival with top notch opportunities for networking and speaking to presenters and organizers face to face. Excellent hospitality

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Travis. Wonderful to have you there last year.

  • Margaret Young

    This festival was superb! We werer thrilled that our film, Heart of Africa, won the Audience Choice award. But even without an award, the festival would have been well worth our time. Wonderful films, great networking, beautifully run by approachable staff. and perfect venue. We'll attend in the future even if we don't have a film submitted.,

    March 2020
  • This festival is such a gem! There were great networking opportunities with amateur filmmakers and long-established filmmakers alike. Every member of the LDS film fest felt like a long time friend and made sure that we were comfortable. We can't wait to be back next year.

    February 2020
  • Arthur Jue

    An outstanding film festival, not just because my music video was selected for an award :) I loved the terrific networking, workshops, quality screenings, and top notch organization! Looking forward to attending for many years to come!

    April 2019
  • Cherie J

    What a great festival! I highly enjoyed it

    March 2019