Mission Statement: Using the art of Film to lift the spirit and celebrate who we are as children of God. Envision, Create, Illuminate.

The LDS Film Festival was founded in 2001 by Austrian filmmaker Christian Vuissa, who envisioned a place for LDS Filmmakers to network with each other and showcase their work to an appreciative audience.

Every March, as many as 7000 people come to view films with a fairly wide spectrum of religious content to controversial topics of the day. The festival is not closed only to Filmmakers of the Mormon Faith or films with LDS themes. Participants of all faiths are encouraged and welcomed with no religious prerequisite.


Since its inception, the LDS Film Festival has awarded over $47,000 in cash awards to filmmakers. This year, categories include:

Best Feature Film (dramatic narratives over 60 min)
Best Short Film (dramatic narratives under 45 min)
Best Feature Documentary (over 60 min)
Best Short Documentary (under 45 min)
Best Music Video (under 10 min)
Best Family Film (Specifically sponsored by the Samuel H. Smith Foundation - under 10 min)

Due to the nature of the festival, we hold to standards that exclude the use of nudity, over-the-top violence or hard language. The festival reserves the right to reject films based on the content belittling not only the LDS Faith, but any other specific group as well.

PAST THE DUE DATE: If there are films that are not entered by December 31, 2018 due date, they might still show (with special permission), but will NOT be part of the competition.

All films have to be:
1) Original content, holding the representing filmmaker responsible for all rights.
2) Available to the festival by January 28, 2019 or shipped by this date.
3) Formats include Bluray and DCP.

Overall Rating
  • This film festival is so amazing. They are all very welcoming to non LDS members as well. It's such an amazing community full of incredible filmmakers. I would 100% recommend.

    November 2018
  • Unable to attend but they broadcast events so I could still take part. Will enter future projects.

    March 2018
  • Hunter Hale

    Under new leadership with a number of nice changes including a longer running time and programing of films at better screening times. Great Awards Show. Excellent speakers and workshops. Very worth while.

    March 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Hunter, always great to see you at the festival.

  • Lorette Bayle

    My AFI short screened at the LDS Film Festival in 2018. It was a great experience as I learned through the many seminar's how the local filmmakers were able to make and distribute feature films! One thing I did not agree with was the fee to be able to pitch a project to local producers. Maybe the fee was a way to keep the pitches to a minimum as there were only 2 hours for this. This festival was well organized, the staff were friendly and helpful and the screenings and events were all in one place. All in all a really great experience.

    March 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your kind words. It's my first year taking over the festival so I appreciate the advice. You are right, we had a lot of responses about the pitch panel, plus I did have to fly people from out of town. So it took a little bit to get them all in the same room. Come again!