The LATFF is a Film Festival created by timelapse photographers Emeric Le Bars & Brian Youchak from the Timelapse Company and Oliver Kmia, where people can submit videos related to the art of timelapse and hyperlapse photography. Timelapse Photography has become a very unique, one-of-a-kind art form mixing photography with filmmaking. It deserves its own festival!

The LATFF is made by and for timelapse photographers. The main purpose is to award creative talents and photographers from around the world, watch some amazing videos and meet other passionate artists who are parts of the timelapse community in 2022 and 2023.

To submit a video to the LATFF, participants must create a film between 2 and 5 minutes long including at least 50% timelapse or hyperlapse videos in one of the following categories:

- Cityscapes
- Nature and Landscapes
- Hyperlapse/Dronelapse

The Jury

- Emeric Le Bars is a French motion timelapse photographer living in the city of Los Angeles, California.

- Brian Youchak is a timelapse photographer based out of New Jersey.

- Oliver Kmia, based in Miami, is an award winning artist specialized in urban hyperlapse, aerial photography, and conceptual video production.

- Gunther Wegner, based in northern Germany, is a well-known photographer, filmmaker, blogger, author, Youtuber and developer and creator of LRTimelapse.

- Matthew Vandeputte aka Matjoez is a Belgian timelapse photographer and travel filmmaker living in London and Sydney.

- Katerine Giannikos is a South African Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photographer based in Boise, Idaho.

- Justin Tierney is an award winning timelapse filmmaker from North Carolina.

- Jordan Mathis is a freelance cinematographer and photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Los Angeles Timelapse Film Festival is sponsored by LRTimelapse, Foolography and the Timelapse Company.

- LATFF Winners Cityscape
1st place prize: LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3
2nd and 3rd place prize: Foolography Unleashed 22

- LATFF Winners Nature and Landscape
1st place prize: LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3
2nd and 3rd place prize: Foolography Unleashed 22

- LATFF Winner Hyperlapse
1st place prize: LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3
2nd and 3rd place prize: Foolography Unleashed 22

Other Awards
- LATFF Jury Award (prize: 1 year Epidemic Sound subscription)
- LATFF Audience Award (prize: 1 year Epidemic Sound subscription)
- LATFF Best Storyline Award (prize: 1 year Epidemic Sound subscription)

Please read the rules and terms carefully to make sure your submission follow the guidelines.

The LATFF is open to people from all around the world! Participants can submit a creation of their own related to the art of timelapse and hyperlapse photography. Their creation has to be between 2 and 5 min long and must contain at least 50% of timelapse/hyperlapse videos. Participants can enter their project in one of the following categories:

- Cityscape
Everything related to the city such as architecture, people, traffic, skyline…

- Nature and Landscape
Everything related to nature such as forests, deserts, clouds, national parks and astro-timelapses.

- Hyperlapse/Drone Hyperlapse
A video that includes more than 50% Hyperlapse. A hyperlapse is a timelapse where the tripod moves on a long distance. In frame, sliding/panning and tilting timelapse videos are not hyperlapse videos. Drone hyperlapse are accepted.

Telling a Story
We highly recommend telling a story that will engage the viewers. Do not just edit some clips next to each other, share a story. The LATFF jury will take the storyline into consideration. A good storyline will make the difference when it comes to selecting winners and finalists. Wow us!

Video Quality Requirements
To enter the festival, contestants have to submit the video(s) using the following specifications:

- Resolution: 4K 3840×2160 (16:9), 4K+ (4096×2304), 4K (3840×1634) or 4096×1679 (2.35:1 widescreen)
- Size: Maximum 6GB
- Video length: 2 to 5 min
- Codec: ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ preferred, H264 accepted, H.265
- Format: .mov or .mp4
- Upload the video through
- Finalists will be asked to upload the video(s) on Google Drive for the ceremony

Criteria, Rules, and Selection
The creation must contain at least 50% of timelapse videos of the total length (not including credits). Participants can include regular videos, drone and aerial or slow-motion videos in their creation if it does not go over 50% of the total length of the submitted product.

To pick the winners, the jury will not only look at the quality of the timelapse videos, but will also take the storyline into consideration. Do not just edit everything together with nice music, but try to create a story and share a message along the way. With years of experience in timelapse photography, the jury will choose the winners based on the following themes:

- overall quality
- color correction
- interval selection & smoothness
- subject & composition
- storyline and editing
- deflickering
- originality
- soundtrack (music and/or sound effects)

Participants can submit more than one film, but have to pay the fees for every single submission.

The contestant has to be the full owner or have full rights to use any material included in the final project. This obviously includes the visual but also any music, graphics, images or sound effects.

The Award Ceremony of the LATFF will be held LIVE in Los Angeles, California on Saturday January 28th 2023 (venue is yet to be found) as well as with a live stream on Youtube.

Prizes and awards will be shipped to winners by mail afterwards if they cannot attend the event.