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LAST ISLAND (former "Big Bang and back")

With our greed and stupidity, we will one day exterminate ourselves.
-Stephen Hawking.

  • Manfred Winter
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    Die letzte Insel
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  • Miami Screen Awards - Semifinalist
  • Atlanta Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist
  • NYC International Screenplay Awards - Quarter Finalist
  • Top ranked projects on COVERFLY
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Screenplay Competition - Award Winner
  • CHICAGO Screenplay - Quarter Finalist
Writer Biography - Manfred Winter

Film Academy Vienna, major in directing

WDS-Film Pfandler (from lighting technician to assistant editor),

Dr. Scheiderbauer (assistant director Kehlmann, Jugert, Davy,
assistant editor),

Satel (director "Ödön von Horvath"),

BR (studio direction "Napoleon").

29 years ORF
among others
Assistant director Glück, Eggers, Grädler, Davy, Jugerth, Kehlmann.
Editor for various productions,
Assistant director and director of current programs,
director and writer for various
"Spiegelbilder" episodes (Leone, Ustinov, Bud Spencer, Lilli
Palmer, Sabine Sinjen, Niki Lauda and others).

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Writer Statement

To all who will read and judge the script:
The story takes place on one day, the 8th day of the creation story and the key phrase is "It is written".
God is the protagonist, he is the beginning and also the end of the story, and in between he holds the strings on which the puppets hang.

"And so the Lord decided to take the stones out of the board
and re-set the game to show the people who the Lord is."

It is not a religious film and not a Bible story, It is not SciFi and not a drama, it is a black comedy with the following conslusion (Miami Screenplay Awards, Semifinalist):
Last Island has the trappings of a dark allegorical comedy - in the vein of Kafka or The Truman Show or Dr. Strangelove or a Monty Python-like version of Children of Men. Behind the film's biblical aesthetic is a wink at the degree of hypercentralization in authoritarian structures and how it creates a distance between people - giving the impression that "we just let them die, of course."

The script has an obvious intelligence in it."

I know I'm not supposed to suggest music, but some scenes are written to the music and express the mood I want to achieve.