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Award Winning Movies and New Releases now streaming at LA Punk Film Festival Channel. Celebrate 50 yrs of all things Punk. Here's the 6th Annual LA Punk Film Festival

Official Winners 2021
Best US Film : Everything is A Ok ~ Justin Powers |Texas |USA

Best International Film ~ Punk is not Dead (Juliette Angelica-Martrès |France)

Best Us Short Film ~ Rogue (Lina Larson | USA)

Best International Short Film ~ Dear Dad Fuck You (Sam Horak Canada

Best Us Documentary ~ I Really Get Into It: The Underage Architects of Sioux Falls Punk (Brian L Bieber | USA)

Best International Documentary ~ Ze Pedro Rock n Roll (Diogo Varela Silva | Portugal)

Best Short Us Documentary ~ Atomic Cafe: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town (Akira Boch | Tadashi Nakamura |LA | USA

Best International Short Documentary ~ Always Fast, Hardly Accurate (Sal Redpath, Ben Archer | UK)

Humanitarian award ~ Minnesota: The Modern Day Selma (Michaels Carlin | LA | USA)

Los Angeles Story ~ Jazz vs Punk (Julie Nunis | LA | USA)

Best Horror ~ Slaughter (Beach Daniel C Davis | Delaware | USA)

Best Comedy - Devil and me | |

LGBQT + film ~ Fashion Statement (Luis Zuniga/Garden Grove | USA)

Best Feature Animation ~ Love Letter Templates (Joselito Sering San Francisco | USA)

Best Short Animation ~ RKLSS (Tank Standing Buffalo | Canada)

Best Music Video ~ Hot Dog Stand ((Kyle Waters Geller | LA | USA)

Best Animation Music Video - It Was D.O.A. (Reid Blakley | Canada)

Best Screenplay ~ This is what you Get (Nicholas Zingarelli - Chicago | USA)

Winners 2020-2021, catch their films right here
Watch the Red Carpet and Awards Show here: https://youtu.be/vyqRkb52rlw

Best US Film
Anne and Andy - Jordan Selander

Best International Film
Fall Back Down - SB Edwards - Canada

Best US Short
Johnnie Anarchy - Ed Abroms

Best International Short
Stay Sharp - Lauren Hester - Australia

Best US Documentary
Pick it up Ska in the 90's - Taylor Morden - Pop Motion Pictures

Best International Documentary
I've Won I've Lost - Gian Luca Rossi - Italy

Best Comedy
Melvin and the Microphone - Chris Youngless

Best Animated Film
Bathtub - Dylan Mars Greenberg

Best Horror Film
Straight Edge Kegger - Jason Zink

Best LGBTQ+ Punk Film
Sweet Tender Hooligan - Jose Alfredo Garcia

Best Thriller
Neutrals - Jacob Horne

Best Music Video
Rubys Song - Walter Santucci

Best Script
Finding Normal - Nathaniel J Ryan

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Produced by Sandie West Beach Dancer Films

Punk and alternative films are on the increase in the mainstream as well as punk icons who are producing TV and Films about the punk genre.

Prizes are awarded in all the major categories (best picture, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, actors etc.), divided by genre: narrative feature, documentary feature, and shorts and music videos. This year we are including screenplay contest with Q and A's from the writers. Award ceremony, red carpet event.

Feature-length and short, narrative and documentary as well as TV episodic programming include pilots and streaming web series.

Filmmakers, please submit your film when it is fully finished as each submission will be a completed work, we will not update the submission with a more recent cut.

Entering your film into the festival does not guarantee acceptance or an award. Fees are nonrefundable and we reserve the right to change our programming without notice.

Overall Rating
  • Marina Dodis

    It was great to be invited to this festival! Thank you to all who put on an important event.

    October 2021
  • What a great festival!
    It was a pleasure to be a part of it and an honor to have our film Zé Pedro Rock n Roll win the best international documentary award. Thank you and Rock on, because Punk is not Dead!

    October 2021
  • nicholas zingarelli

    Great Festival. I can't thank you enough. I am just so honored to have won Best Screenplay for my script This Is What You Get... Especially since Punk Rock Music is the main theme and inspiration for this script. Wow! This couldn't be more perfect.

    October 2021
  • Jes F. A. Falcon

    We were informed from Filmfreway that our music video had been included in the official selection but we couldn´t find it anywhere in the festival's web. We received no communication whatsover from the organization itself.

    October 2021
  • Jordan Selander

    Our team was honored to be part of this festival in 2020, where our film Anne & Andy took home the Best US Film Award. We were just happy to be selected, to be honest. And as we all know, the pandemic threw everyone a curve-ball, so to the choice to go digital was applauded, even if that probably created a ton of behind-the-scenes work to pull off. This festival was a complete success and I really did enjoy seeing the other films and filmmakers talk, including the hosts, who did a fantastic job. We had a music video shoot the day all the directors got to digitally meet each other, so I'm still bummed we missed that, but overall the experience was phenomenal. It was a great to find a home for our little punk rock labor of love, and I recommend anyone who has ever maybe felt a bit "on the fringes of society" and aren't quite sure where their film fits in the indie world, should immediately apply to this festival. Here's hoping we can be back again someday!!!

    May 2021