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Niambi Wallace gave her life to Christ as a young girl, instinctively. Now as a woman in love with another woman, she questions her faith and why God makes it hard to live in the world that He created where everyone she knows is going through a personal struggle. Throughout this dramady series, Niambi goes on various “quests” to find a faith that makes her feel completely accepted by the Dogma and fellow practitioners. Lucky for her, she has liberal Christian parents who are aware of her sexuality and same-sex relationships, and love her not despite who she is but because of who God is. By the end of the series, Niambi may find a faith that suits her or she may realize God is in everything, in everyone. The entirety of the series will not be faith/religion based. The overlying theme is about connecting people regardless of faith and touching on various societal issues.

  • Nsikan Akpan
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    Television Script
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    comedy, drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Nsikan Akpan

Nsikan Akpan is a college student who enjoys taking part in activities that connect to her purpose. As a lover of literature, acting, and fashion, she identifies as a dreamer and creative. Since the second grade, she has been drawing fashion designs while imagining herself on the red carpet. How she will get to that red carpet is what keeps her busy. A love for writing sprouted sometime in Nsikan's youth. When she and her siblings would play "school," and she was the teacher, she'd always be the English teacher who made her "students" write. That way, Nsikan could do her own writing as well.

Some of Nsikan's major successes as a writer include being featured in Maryland's Best Emerging Poets! And America’s Best Emerging Poets! Both anthologies by Z Publishing. Right before her twenty-first birthday, Nsikan completed a memoir about her experience with depression in high school but has chosen to keep it safe with until the right time. Until then, she nurtures a blog with the Mogul corporation created by Tiffany Pham. This blog has provided a platform for Nsikan to express opinions on issues that take place in the black community:

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Writer Statement

As a young black actress, I am very much aware of the glass ceiling effect in Hollywood when it comes to actors of color. When I look at films and TV shows - though representation is getting a bit better - I am still not satisfied. Luckily, I take joy in writing and creating. This series, LAPSED, will bring many conversations to various communities of color. Not only does it unite religion and sexuality in a way that has not been done before on the big screen, it brings to light topics that we have been either too scared or ignorant to discuss, such as women dealing with pornography - not just men. I want this series to offer reassurance without being preachy - even though it is a series based on faith.

I want to be an actress in Hollywood that represents integrity along with creativity, and that black women do not have to be put in a box. Author, Toni Morrison, said that we must write the books we want to read. I will write the books I want to read as well as the movies and TV shows I want to see - and star in. Because of that, I will live the life I want to lead.

Thank you