LAMPA today is a globally recognized platform with the focus on social concerns and charity expressed by films. The life stories of the volunteers, real stories of real people transforming the world around them, timely help – these are only some themes which turned to become the storylines of the films being assessed by LAMPA jury. The Film Festival is a place which annually attracts both amateurs and professionals in the area of short film production who promote socially important ideas in Russia and in the world.

The Festival welcomes the works from the professional and amateurish filmmakers, as well as from the applicants who made the first film with a camera in their life. Stories of real people who change the world around them are at the center of any film.

Participants who eye witnessed or were involved into the stories presented the most touching films. Every scene is filled with life, every hero deserves to be respected. In their works the authors show important issues, including inequality reduction, preservation of the environment and planet’s ecosystems, promotion of civil initiatives. The authors also give their own understanding of the problems of the modern society.

Short filmed stories participating in the Film Festival attract the attention of a wide audience. This is the way non-profit organizations can tell the world about themselves, present their social project in an interactive format to promote their activity.

Film Festival Nominations can describe the volunteering and charity in different short film formats. Together with the traditional nominations, including “Short Film”, “Social video” and “Social advertising”, the Film Festival Organizing Committee promotes the idea of covering the most relevant topics within special thematic nominations:

- "Special focus" – this nomination is for young filmmakers from 10 to 16 who can present their socially oriented works. Films directed by the children differ in their positive look on the concerns of the modern society.

- "1+1" – this nomination is devoted to the best practices in making society aware of the inclusion as a phenomenon, social adaptation of people with special needs, integration of disadvantaged people, etc.

Today, Film Festival collection has more than 5000 works from 130 countries of the world. It is a unique film collection about people and organization transforming the world for the better to promote volunteering and charity in educational institutions, mass media, on television, etc.

Starting from 2018 the International Film Festival LAMPA consists of a number of events
promoting volunteering and charity at different sites and for different people. LAMPA events are universal and relevant for all countries, today it is a set of social cultural events:

- "Day of Kind Films" – it is the only day for the school students and their parents to watch socially oriented short films. The film-winners are shown in the education system in a particular country. The films are specifically chosen for the children.

- "LAMPA" – memorable heroes of volunteering" – it is a series of educational events for the jury members and the experts of the International Film Festival LAMPA about the aspects of social cinematography. It is aimed to make social films more popular and to improve the professional level of young filmmakers.

- Retrospective show of the best entries from the International Film Festival LAMPA – it is about socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising on a big screen, the views of outstanding experts and jury members from the Film Festival. The films are divided into themes to be shown at different sites.

The LAMPA Film Festival becomes one of the most distinguished platforms to promote kind stories and one of the major international events in volunteering.

Official website of the Film Festival:


1. At least 3 winners are determined for each nomination according to the results of the Competition.
2. All winners of the Competition will be awarded with LAMPA trophies, Diplomas and
valuable prizes from the Organisers and Partners of the Film Festival.
3. The best submissions included into the short list of the festival will be recommended for practical implementation and broadcasting for promoting volunteering and charity.
4. Awarding of the Film Festival winners will be held at the Awards ceremony in Perm (Russia)


1.1. These Regulations determine the goals, objectives and procedures of carrying out and implementation of «LAMPA» International film festival of socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising (hereafter – the film festival), its organizational and methodological support, the procedure of film submission and selection of winners.
1.2. The main idea and mission of the film festival is to create a unique platform in order to build up a system in the information space for promoting ideas of social serving, patriotism, volunteering and charity.
1.3. The film festival ensures conditions to create new social media content about new heroes of civil society, inspires the representatives of non-commercial organization to act creatively in order to present the significance of their social activity.
1.4. The organizers of the film festival are: ANO «Organization «Vector of Friendship», National Association for Education Development «Notebook of Friendship», «Film Studio URAL-Film» Ltd. with the support of stakeholders.
1.5. The general management of the preparation and holding of the film festival is carried out by the Organizing Committee, which consists of representatives of the organizations mentioned above.
1.6. The official website of the film festival – (hereafter – the website of the film festival)


2.1. Searching for «new heroes» who are capable to commit social deeds and to solve significant social issues that set the moral guide for admiring and following.
2.2. Setting the role of cinema in shaping universal human values for healthy lifestyle, patriotism, tolerance, respect to the history of homeland, development of significant social initiatives by children and youth.
2.3. Enhancing the quality of created social advertisement, video clips, short films as well as identifying and rewarding the authors of the most successful entries.
2.4. Drawing the attention to the most urgent public problems by means of relevant video content, shaping the cinema and information base of video entries.


3.1. Participants of the film festival are determined on the basis of the Competitive Selection of socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising (hereafter – the Competition).
3.2. The Competition is open to everyone who wishes to participate (individually or groups) who submitted all necessary documents in accordance with terms and conditions of the Competition.
3.3. Entries are to be submitted through the website of the film festival. Each entry should be accompanied by a completed application. The application is a document, which is necessary to include film in the general list of entries.
3.4. Only the entries compliant with the Regulation on holding the Film festival and created in 2016-2018 are allowed for submission.
3.5. One participant (group) can submit no more than 5 entries in any nominations.
3.6. An entry should be a socially oriented dramatic or documentary short film with a duration of no more than 30 minutes, social video clip with a duration no more than 5 minutes, social advertising with a duration no more than 2 minutes.
3.7. The Organizing Committee has the right not to include any material in the Competition without explaining the reasons.
3.8. All submissions must follow the regulations of the Russian Federation, including the law of the Russian Federation «On narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances», the law of the Russian Federation «On the mass media» and the law of the Russian Federation «On advertising».
3.9. The Organizers of the film festival reserve the right to use entries, submitted to the Competition, before the official announcement of the winners (with the obligatory indication of author’s name). Once materials have been sent, they will not be returned and reviewed. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any complaints from the persons and (or) organizations appearing in submitted entries, in case of showing or online publishing and distribution in mass media.
3.10. All submissions are free of charge.
3.11. The participation in the Competition means contest of an author (or author team) for further usage of entries on non-repayable base as per Part 8 of this Regulation.


4.1. The Competition is hold in the following nominations:
4.1.1. «Social video clip» – a short video sketch, demonstrating in an original and artistic way the ideas of social serving, volunteering and charity. The video should be concise, have an unambiguous interpretation, an optimal combination of image and text. The video can be filmed using any device.
4.1.2. «Social advertisement» – an advertising message, containing the popularization of the leading universal values, attracting the society attention to socially significant problems, contributing to the shaping of public opinion on challenges of social significance.
4.1.3. «Short film» (documentary or dramatic format) – a full-length short film with a certain meaning, storyline and characters. The film base is a story with a socially significant meaning.
4.1.4. “Short documentary” – a full-length short film with a socially significant story line. The film base is filming real people and events.
4.1.5. “Special focus” – a special nomination for young film directors at the age from 10 to 18. The entries of one of the following genres such as socially oriented short film, social video clip, and social advertisement are welcome for submission to the Competition.
4.1.6. “1+1” – a nomination devoted to the best practices in popularizing inclusion, social adaptation of physically disabled people, integration into society of vulnerable population groups, etc. The entries of one of the following genres such as socially oriented short film, social video clip, and social advertisement are welcome for submission to the Competition.
4.2. Requirements for entries: codec (preferably) H.264, container — MP4, MPEG. Video resolution is preferably 1920*1080 (Full HD, 1080), not less than 720х576. The frequency of sound from 24 kHz and more. Compression of sound in video clips: MP3, WAV, AAC.
4.3. It is obligatory for each entry to have captions: first and last names of all participants of the project (including the people involved), and the date of publication.
4.4. Entries can be posted on the «YouTube», “Vimeo” and other services in the mode of «Open access» or «Access by link» until the results of the film festival are announced with providing access passwords (if there are any). The link to the contest video has to be placed in the film festival application.
4.5. All entries submitted in time are allowed to be selected for the Competition if their content complies with declared nominations and topics of the film festival, mentioned in these Regulations.
4.6. All submissions should be life-asserting, calling for creation, partnership, desire to change personal views and the way of life towards positive actions. Submissions should morally and spiritually enrich the audience, promote ideas of social serving, volunteering and charity, change the value compass towards kindness and tolerance.
4.7. An entry should not contain any watermarks and other logos for all timeline of the film.
4.8. Examples of awarded submissions of previous years are available at the website of the film festival .


5.1. The Competition is held in 4 stages:
5.1.1. First stage – Preliminary (February 07 – August 01, 2019), includes information sharing on the Film Festival, films submissions.
5.1.2. Second stage – Selection (April 01 – August 31, 2019), is carried out by the Organizing Committee of the Film Festival, procedure of work of which is determined additionally.
5.1.3. Third stage – Final (September 01 – September 10, 2019), summarizing of the results, at the end of which the winners are determined.
5.1.4. Forth stage – The Awards Ceremony (October 18, 2019).
5.2. Submission is open until 00.00 hours (MSC) August 01, 2019 at the website of the film festival
5.3. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be taken for the consideration.


6.1. The Organizing Committee of the film festival confirms the Selection Committee (Jury of the Competition) in order to determine the winners of the Competition and judge the entries.
6.2. The Selection Committee (Jury of the Competition) is formed from the Organizers of the film festival, invited experts in the field of social advertisement, representatives of NGOs, representatives of mass media and film industry.
6.3. The Selection Committee (Jury of the Competition) assesses each entry on a 10-point scale in accordance with the criteria (see Appendix №1)
6.4. The Selection Committee (Jury of the Competition) has the right to decline submissions if they do not meet the requirements of these Regulations.
6.5. The Selection Committee (Jury of the Competition) will determine winners on the base of the assessment and expertise of the submissions.
6.6. The results of the Competition will be placed on the website of the film festival no later than October 1, 2019.


8.1. The Organizing Committee has the following rights:
• Using (playback, distributing the submitted films in any way (including sale), right for import, translation or reprocessing) submissions for non-commercial purposes and without monetary rewarding to the author (or team of authors), but with the obligatory indication of author’s name (co-authors);
• Holding film campaigns based on the submitted works (online catalog, Internet resources) in the territory of Russian Federation and abroad;
• Distributing videos in general education institutions and vocational education and training institutions;
• Presenting the entries for the needs of the Competition and for the purposes of its advertising, while carrying out socially significant events on the territory of Russian Federation and abroad. Also, it has the right to broadcast entries on the television and on the Internet;
• Full or partial usage for informational, scientific, educational and cultural purposes.
8.2. In case if a submission is included into the short list of the Contest, the author is obliged to conclude a license agreement with the Film festival organizers to grant the rights of using the film on a non-exclusive basis.
8.3. The submission of entry by the participant in order to take part in the Competition means full and unconditional consent of the participant to these Regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Un saludo y gracias espero tener suerte

    November 2019
  • The LAMPA Film Festival was perfect for our documentary projects about volunteering and charity. Our representatives attended the event and were provided translators and hospitality, and our film "Katura's Story" was afforded great reviews as a finalist. We were honoured to be a part of this event, and would recommend it to other short documentary makers who work with charities and NGOs around the world.

    November 2019
  • sarra samaali

    The festival is good and has good purposes but in the level of communication I didn’t get any email from you I only know through film freeway

    October 2019
  • My film has been selected as the Finalist in the LAMPA-2019 . But they have not yet informed me any update of the festival .This is really very much disappointing for me being a film-maker .

    October 2019
  • James Amuta

    Thanks for selecting my film to screen at the festival. It would have been a remarkable experience to attend the event. I’m hoping that next time, I’ll be notified and perhaps invited to attend. Guardians of Hope was an emotional project for me, and I’m grateful that you found it worthy of inclusion.

    October 2019