Kiev International Film Festival ( KIFF) successfully held its first season. We are opening entry for the 2nd season. Looking forward to your work.

All the genres will be represented at the festival.
Cinematographers from all over the world have a chance to present their works . Special discounts and awards will be offered for student projects.
Professionals from 5 countries have been invited to form the jury.
There also will be public vote and people's choice awards.The audience will be able to enjoy the most interesting works in different genres
Our plans are to show films from more than 25 countries.

"Kiev International Film Festival" welcomes everyone!
The cinematographers will be able to present their projects for a reasonable fee
as we will have to cover the expenses on renting cinema theaters, advertising, organization. For more information please go here:

"Kiev International Film Festival" will be held from May 25-27, 2018

Best Film
Best Short Film
Best Animation Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Student Film
Best Screenplay
Special Jury prize
People's Choice Award

Rules & Terms

Kyiv International Film Festival (KIFF) is open to any film completed after January 1, 2014 regardless of content, subject, or origin. Submitting your film to the 2016 KIFF is not a guarantee of selection. All the Official selection, Nominees and the Winners will be listed on our website. All the winning films will receive an award and/or certificate via mail. Please read all rules and regulations before submitting your project.

Please note that we do not offer application fee waivers.

1. Films made in languages other than English must have English subtitles.

2. The KIFF is hereby granted the rights to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival within the any country in the world. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.
2.1KIFF will have the right to divulgate the project (which includes fragments of film presentation), as well as the author’s name for advertising purposes.
The sender of the film gives to KIFF herewith the non-exclusive, uncompensated, sublicense right for the use of the project, public demonstration, for the use and/or streaming on KIFF website and/or at a film festival and /or transfer to a KIFF’s third person affiliated to Facebook, Word Press websites or a film festival in social network, web pages or web sites and / or in advertising material of a film festival and in film show accommodations.
The sender of the film guarantees, confirms and declares that he/she is a legal owner of author’s rights for the product and will own rights for his/her project.

3. The KIFF reserves the right to refuse entries.

4. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the KIFF, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

5. By submitting your film to the KIFF, the individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that KIFF is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations. Films that are selected to screen with us will have the opportunity to opt out of their screening while still maintaining their award/s.

6. A film will only be eligible for the 2016 KIFF jury competition if fees and forms are submitted with the film. We support independent film and encourage all genres to enter.

7. The KIFF will not refund any fees if the filmmaker fails to submit the film in the correct category. Films submitted without the correct fees or proper submission media may be deemed ineligible at the discretion of the KIFF programming director or executive director. The festival does not cover any of the expenses incurred by the filmmaker.

8. After a film has been an official selection, the filmmaker will be notified, and eventually the film will be listed on the festival website under Official Selections. Official selection doesn’t necessarily mean that your film will be screened at the festival. It means that you are now eligible for the nomination and you can use the festival logo on your poster.

9. An official selection and a nominee will be privately screened for the KIFF judging panel, and if it wins its category, it will be screened to the public. The screening categories include: Best Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Animation, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Student Film, Best Experimental Film. We will also be screening a majority of the finalists.

10. “Best” films of each category will receive an official KIFF Trophy.

11. Films that are selected to screen with us will have the opportunity to opt out of their screening while still maintaining their award/s if there is a conflict with another festival or event.

12. A filmmaker will not be reimbursed the submission fee if they decide to withdraw the submission. All entry fees are non-refundable.

13. LIABILITY. Although every possible care will be taken with tapes, films, drives and files while in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send original or master prints, tapes, files or drives. Please keep the KIFF notified of any address/phone number changes.

14. KIFF 15 December without advance notice amend festival dates and/or Rules & Terms. Each and every such amendment shall become effective immediately. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates of these Rules & Terms.


Upload an official trailer or poster, synopsis and a link of your film. We accept all genres in any language, from around the world. Please select the correct category, while submitting to avoid disqualification. Also, we reserve right to re-assign film to an appropriate category. The recommended screener format is DCP 2K or 1080p. We can also screen BD, 16-mm and 35-mm film.

Overall Rating
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    Herman Perera

    Though unable to attend the fest personally, very grateful for the selection of my short 'unpredictABLE'.
    Wishing your team the best.

    June 2017