Kya Tum Crazy Ho - (Are You Crazy)

The state of the country is deteriorating,
Humanity is diminishing

Before our homes lie filth and grime,
Diseases persist, there's no decline.

Goddesses worshipped in temples,
But no protection for them on the streets.

Ganga and Yamuna revered as mothers,
Yet trash is dumped into them.

Everyone becomes learned in English,
But no pride remains for our mother tongue.

Up to 5G we've reached, but where is electricity at home,
Everyone knows about Godesses Lakshmi (wealth / money), but who is Godesses Saraswati (knowledge / wisdom)?

News is being sold every moment,
No concern for facts anymore.

Justice is demanded by everyone here,
But logic seems to have gone missing.

In nationality, we write 'Indian',
In caste, we write 'Indian'.
Everywhere we write 'Indian',
But there's no pride in being an Indian?

Knowing this much, enduring this much,
Hasn't your blood boiled?
Are you Crazy?

Do you know the secrets of the Vedas?
Do you understand the essence/ meaning of true Dharma?

Is Charak Samhita still favorable?
Why is number 108 so invaluable / auspicious?

Have you ever read about Budhayana and Aryabhata?
Have we forgotten Nalanda University and Taxila University?

Is this education system ours?
Is this justice system also ours?

Those who call themselves Indian, do we know India's true history?

Knowing this much, understanding this much,
Yet you sit silently?
Are you crazy?

Come, let's raise hands and unite,
Together let's seek solutions.

When we join hands with each other,
We change the identity of the country.

We are the creators of this world,
We are the sculptors of the future.

We hold the key to tomorrow's truth,
Commanding the reins, in our hands, forsooth.

If we embark on the right course,
The destination shall be known.

One by one all issues and problems,
We have to solve them ourselves.

Though big problems seem daunting,
It's time to take small steps.

India's democracy is complex,
But to show our real power,
Are you crazy?

Among hundreds, a hero is born,
Among thousands, a scholar adorns.
One who is certain in their stride,
Progresses incessantly, undying, with pride.

Mother and motherland are superior to heaven,
We must make our motherland like heaven again.

Let's come together, envisioning the change we seek,
and become the driving force of transformation.

  • Chintan Parekh
  • Yatra Films
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Koushik Mukherjee
    Music By
  • Tanmay Jain
    Lyric By
  • Chintan Parekh
    Lyric By
  • Koushik Mukherjee
  • Sekhar Kumar Kalita
  • Shivansh Jindal
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Kya Tum Crazy Ho
  • Project Type:
    Song, Other
  • Length:
    7 minutes 2 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 15, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
    English, Hindi, Sanskrit
  • Student Project: