Quality matters
A passion for all things creative Kwesa has stepped into many different fields to express his God given talents. Originally from the Bronx NY, Kwesa relocated to the Lehigh Valley area 20 years ago and began to pursue his dreams of music and filmmaking. With a deep love for the art Kwesa refers to himself as "The Creative Genius" not because it's catchy but because he's a student of all the great filmmakers of his generation. Self taught in his craft Kwesa would pick up a camera out of necessity, unable to afford quality camera work due to family responsibilities Kwesa thought it be best to invest in his own equipment and learn every aspect of the craft. He went on to shoot several music videos, podcast and documentaries serving as a freelance videographer with almost a decade of experience.
Birth Date
August 15, 1982
Kwesa the Artist
Birth City
New York City
Current City
Bronx, NY
Quality matters
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