Kuttram Vasal

Kuttram Vasal is a 2021 Malaysian Tamil thrilling murder film directed by Gobinat Murugayah and written by Gobinat Murugayah himself. The plot revolves around the hero (Gobinat) and heroine (Nisha Angelica) where the hero loved the heroine unconditionally but in contrast, she did love his status as a short film hero and just his money as much as cheating on him with her male best friend. Much to the suspense, the hero Gautham decided to do something horrifying to the heroine Sharu for his revenge and the investigation starts from there. As the entry of CIO policewoman, Madam Sanju and the assistant policeman, Mr Vincent starts investigating Gautham about the disappearance of Sharu after a week. During the investigation, the two police officers got to know that Gautham is not responsible for Sharu’s disappearance instead he tried calling her right after her birthday which falls on 29th February. The investigation leads back to square one all over again as there was not any concrete evidence to support that Gautham was responsible for his girlfriends’s sudden disappearance. Then, came Gautham’s childhood friend Roothra in the investigation. He revealed that he has met Sharu on her birthday at midnight on a quiet road and helped her to fix the car breakdown that she was struggling alone at the place. Soon, Madam Sanju and Mr Vincent were discussing who might be the killer of Sharu as they had discovered her body a week ago. They could not confirm whether it was Gautham or Roothra as both had alibi on the day of Sharu’s disappearance. Later, they got an unknown call from a girl named Mathi who she claimed to be Sharu’s friend, stated that a day before Sharu’s murder, Mathi was on her way back home after a make-up session with her client. She met a guy who questioned about Sharu whom she could not recognize the guy. Apparently, both the police officers got to know that the guy was none other than Roothra, who questioned about Sharu to Mathi on the same day. The investigation leaded to Roothra who supposed to be Sharu’s killer and revealed his motive in murdering her. The motive was very simple, Roothra stated which he has fall in love with Sharu since college days and has been following her everywhere, till he found out that she was cheating with several guys at the same time. Heartbroken Roothra decided to just kill her with a single blow using an ice pick for the purpose of justice to loyal man like him. CIO Madam Sanju finally confirmed the murder case by convicting Roothra as the killer angrily as Roothra revealed out the truth as Sharu was the CIO policewoman’s younger sister and that is why she was all frustrated to find justice for her sister. Finally, the cases were closed and Roothra was sent to court to hear the right punishment for his tragic crime. At the ending scene, Mr Vincent the assistant police officer called a doctor who previously helped the police officers with Sharu’s murder investigation revealed that Gautham displayed another side of him, like an alter ego where Roothra took blame for his childhood friend’s murder and played Gautham’s character in order to confuse the police officers. After the call ended, Mr Vincent finally understood who Sharu’s true killer was and why Roothra took the blame generously. Gautham paid a final visit in a Christian ancient graveyard where we can see he was standing in front of Sharu’s grave and smiling sinisterly. Gautham ran away to a village in where he can be safe in Roothra’s father house along with his younger sister who looks similarly to Sharu. Gautham decided to play along by being the good guy to Roothra’s younger sister in order to win her heart and the story ended there. We can see an upcoming of Part 2 story of Kuttram Vasal at the post credit scene where an unknown gangster were rushing angrily to find Gautham’s hideout to kill him and Roothra together due to their bad history.

  • Gobinat
    Key Cast
  • Sanjiv Raj
    Key Cast
    2nd Hero
  • Nisha Angelica
    Key Cast
    "Sharu / Kavipriya"
  • Sanjusree
    Key Cast
    " Sanju"
    CIO Officer
  • Vincent
    Key Cast
    CIO Officer
  • Sharumathi
    Key Cast
    Roothra Girlfriend
  • Tan Bee Eng
    Key Cast
  • Thevaras
    Key Cast
    Gautham Father
  • Devarajan
    Key Cast
    Small Boy
  • Alvin & Gobinat
    Key Cast
  • DA Vasanth
    Key Cast
    "Background Score"
  • Saranam Entertainment, En Tamizh Vannangal, Malaysia Kalai Ulagam MKU
    Key Cast
    "Associated "
  • Murugayah Mangaikarasi
    Key Cast
    "Line Producer"
  • Yuvanesh, Vinoth Raj Arun, Punitha, Roothra
    Key Cast
    "MMG Film Factory Team"
  • Shanti
    Key Cast
    "Make Up Artist"
  • Aishwarya, Gobinat
    Key Cast
  • Kavipriya Kalaiyarasi Siva
    Key Cast
    "Assistant Director"
  • Gobinat
    Key Cast
  • Dhilip Varman
    Key Cast
    "Song Composer"
    Appo Nee Song
  • Kavipriya, Gobinat
    Key Cast
    "Pre Productions"
  • Gobinat, Alvin
    Key Cast
    "Post Production"
  • Harinathan
    Key Cast
  • 101 Clicks Studio
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Kuttram Vasal
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    32 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 19, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    6,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Tamil
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital 4k
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Noble International Film Festival Awards Official Selection
Distribution Information
    Country: India
Director Biography - GOBINAT MURUGAYAH

Gobinat Murugayah credited as Gobinat or Gobi 25 years old is an Malaysian Indian upcoming Director, Writter, Producer,Editor And Actor. Born in Malaysia Work As Assistant Director For 1 Short Film.He made his debut as a director in the short film Unnidam Vandhen.

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