Krish Trish and Baltiboy 08 - Face your Fear

Trish narrates the first story, which is from the state of Andhra Pradesh in the South-eastern coastal region of India. The art-form from this region is called as Togalu Gombeyaata, more commonly known as Leather Puppets. Togalu Gombeyaata translates to a play of leather dolls in the native language. It is a form of Shadow Puppetry The story is about a baby elephant named Bholu, who wants to be as strong and brave like his father.

The second story narrated by Krish, is from the state of Odisha in the eastern part of India. The art-form used in this story is called Pattachitra. Pattachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting. In the Sanskrit language, "Patta" literally means "cloth" and "Chitra" means "picture". Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities.

The third and the last story narrated by Baltiboy is in the Madhubani art-form from the state of Bihar in East India, bordering Nepal. Madhubani painting (also known as Mithila painting) is practiced in the Mithila region of India. Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns. There is ritual content for particular occasions, such as birth or marriage, and festivals, such as Holi, Surya Shasti, Kali Puja, Upanayanam, Durga Puja.

  • Tilakraj Shetty
  • Munjal Shroff
  • Munjal Shroff
  • Tarun Ratnani
    Key Cast
  • Smita Malhotra
    Key Cast
  • Deepak Chachra
    Key Cast
    "Baltiboy/Bird 1 & 2"
  • Sonal Kaushal
    Key Cast
    "Bholu/Shakti/Friend 1/Maya"
  • Ghanshyam Shukla
    Key Cast
    "Father Elephant/Man2/Eagle"
  • Rupa Bhimani
    Key Cast
    "Mother Elephant"
  • Manish Bhawan
    Key Cast
  • Niluffer Middey
    Key Cast
  • Brij Sawhney
    Key Cast
    "Old Man"
  • Jigna Bhardwaj
    Key Cast
    "Gokul/Friend 2"
  • Shubhangi Pawar
    Key Cast
  • Anamaya Verma
    Key Cast
  • Harsh
    Key Cast
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  • Genres:
    Children, Animation
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 5 minutes 13 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 9, 2017
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Munjal Shroff
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  • Munjal Shroff
    Country: Worldwide
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Director - Tilakraj Shetty