By hosting the event Short Film Day (Kortfilmsdagen) we celebrate the shortest day of the year (21st of December) at Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden. This would be the second year that we invite everyone for a wide range of Swedish and international short films for both children and adults.

Our goal of the event is to provide local visitors as well as tourists a cozy moment with short films that inspire, entertain, encourage and challenge. Films are screened during the museum's opening hours (11 AM -5 PM). Short Film Day at Moderna Museet Malmö gives filmmakers an opportunity to show films at one of the most beautiful and unique exhibition spaces in Scandinavia - a former electricity plant from 1901 turned art museum in 2009 (read more about the building here:

Moderna Museet is one of Europe’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art, with a collection of high international standing. Yearly the museum have around 100 000 local and international visitors. During the event the museum will be full of interesting exhibitions and activities that will continuously attract people to visit.

Moderna Museet Malmö have free admission and the film screening will also be free of charge.

Last year's event:

The Short Film Day concept started in France in 2011 and is currently available in more than 20 countries in the northern hemisphere. In Sweden the Short Film Day was launched in 2014 as an initiative by the Swedish Film Institute. More information is available at

Submission to the Event is open to short length documentaries, fiction, animations, experimental, political fiction and innovative visual documentary productions, children movies, music video, drama, personal narratives.

Film Submissions:
- Length: from 1 minutes till 25 minutes
- Experimental and artists’ films
- Films are screened in original language versions. In principle, if not with English dialogue, films must be subtitled in English.
- Films must be made between 2017-2019

Deadline for entries:
Submission deadline is 26 November, 2019.

Submission Conditions :
1. Entry fees are required by the festival for submitting films.
2. Films may be submitted by the filmmakers, producers, distributors or other legal representatives of the film. The submitter of the film should be a person that has the legal right to negotiate the use of this work with Kortfilmsdagen .
Event managers will inform applicants of its decision by 1th December, 2019 by email to the submitter.
3- filmmakers, producers, distributors or other legal representatives of the film can submit one ( 1 ) film.

Selected Films :
- For each selected film, the submitter or the filmmaker will be asked to provide the English and original language dialogue list, stills from the film, a photo of the director, trailer and the screening copy/data file.
- Following technical and artistic credits: original title, international title, director, running time, country(ies) of production, year of production, premiere status, format, production company, producer, and distribution company/world sales.

For additional questions please contact us. Thanks.

Overall Rating
  • Timo Metsäjoki

    Was happy to be part of the program. Communication and everything went really well. Wish you all the best!

    January 2020
  • gustavo arteaga

    Wishing you the best on the next edition!!

    December 2019
  • Great smooth communication and we were happy to be part of Kortfilmsdagen!

    December 2019
  • Kortfilmsdagen nice and we waiting the best

    December 2018