Kiss Goodbye

I hit the ground
I hit the ground
I've never fallen, never fallen before

I took a moment
I took a moment
I saw you standing on the top of the world

Think about us
Thinking too fast
Think about you now

Closing my eyes
Beautiful times
What about the now?

Pick up the pace
I look at your face
See you one more time


I keep on breathing
I keep on breathing

My bones are broken
Think I can't go on

But time is running
My, my time is running

I'm picking myself
Imma face the world

People are mad
I shut them all down
God is on my side

I don't really care If you wanna stay
But If you wanna go, go now

You sayin' I can't
Give me a break
Get out of my face now


Listen now I'm back baby
Wasted too much life, crazy
People say I'm weak maybe
They don't really know shit about me

Imma be real, Imma fight for my life till I get a real deal
Girls like me don't settle we go for the crown with a seal
Look at you mad, I know how you feel
Think about a chill pill
Shaking the dust off my feet, come here
Imma kiss you for real


  • Jackie Faraoui
  • Jackie Faraoui
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  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    3 minutes 32 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 3, 2018
  • Country of Origin:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Jackie Faraoui (born 26 June 1991), is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Born in the city of Kiev and raised in Athens, Greece she began producing in her early teens. Having begun her career with her debut single ‘Peace & Lovin’ back in 2016, the success of this song saw it aired across various radio stations in France, Greece, UK, and Belgium. She then carried on this positive momentum by releasing singles such as ‘We Found Each Other’, ‘Divinity’ and ‘Calling My Name’. After graduating with an Audio Engineering degree, Jackie released another song ‘Single Girls’ as part of the 5 track EP ‘Sweet Dreams Beautiful’.

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