Deaf Spotlight is excited to present the Kissfist Film Challenge for the first time!
Make a short film over one weekend with a team- you will get to write your own story, act, and edit all in ONE weekend!

Look at for more information and registration forms.

The winner will receive half of the earnings from registration fees
They will also have their film screened at the 2020 Seattle Deaf Film Festival.

All participants must register through FilmFreeway and pay the registration fee. Registration will close on February 13, 2020.

All submissions must be uploaded as downloadable Vimeo files and linked to in FilmFreeway before 6pm PST on Monday, February 17, 2020.

All participants must complete and sign the following forms (available on our website:, and submit them to by the contest deadline.
-Release Agreement
-Entry Agreement
-Certification Statement

Your film must be between three and five minutes, with up to 60 seconds of credits. If the addition of the credits put the film over 5 minutes, that is acceptable.

On February 14, we will announce a mandatory genre/theme, along with a list of required props and/or locations. You must include ALL of the required components in your film.

Teams are strongly encouraged to integrate story elements that acknowledge Deaf / DeafBlind culture and language.

Your film must be entirely original and captured over the course of the contest weekend, beginning at 6pm on February 14, 2020 and ending at 6pm, February 17. No pre-recorded footage, including stock footage, may be used.

Your cast and crew must be volunteers. You are strongly encouraged to collaborate with at least two people who are Deaf or DeafBlind in one of the following roles:

Before the finished film begins, you must include a title card, which we will provide to registrants.

End credits are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds, and must end with the text “This film was made for the KissFist Film Challenge”.

In the week following the film submissions, we will screen the films to ensure they follow the criteria. After that, you will receive an email informing you whether you’ve passed the screening and announcing the start of the promotional campaign. Check out the film challenge’s webpage to find your film’s link and watch other entries.

If you are a union member, contact your union before participating in this challenge. If you participate without notifying the union or union determination whether it’s under their jurisdiction, your membership will be invoked.

FilmFreeway is an online service that hosts film competitions. Before you begin work on your film, you’ll need to create an account on FilmFreeway and pay the fee for your registration.

When you are ready to submit your film, upload it to a Vimeo account:
1-Create a new account or log into Vimeo and upload your film
2- Log into FilmFreeway
3 -Click on “My Projects” on the top of the website
4- Edit your Kissfist Film Challenge project
5- Rename the project to your film’s title
6- Enter a brief synopsis of the film
7- Copy and paste your film’s downloadable Vimeo URL into the website field
8- Click “save project” at the bottom of the page


Submissions to the KissFist Film Challenge will be judged on the following criteria.

Creative Merit – 40%:
- Story/plot
- Performances
- Entertainment value

Technical Execution – 30%:
- Picture quality
- Sound quality
- Editing and post-production quality
- Production value and effects
- English Subtitles (black background with white text)

Inclusion of Required Elements – 30%