To produce unique ideas, to assist in cinema by theoretical knowledge, to help the cinema students for changing theoretical knowledge into practice, to contribute the development of international short films and provide the meeting short films with audience are the main objectives of festival. The another aim of the festival is also to prepare a productive environment on an international platform of shareable ideas and knowledge by gathering students, academics and professionals in same the place who interested and engaged in the production of cinema.

The participating films in the fiction, documentary, experimental, animation branches and the qualified films will be screening and films will compete. In addition, various discussions and activities will be held to ensure the exchange of ideas on a short film and cinema.

Every year as the festival’s opening film is shown an important work of a major director and honorary awards are given. In 15th KısaCa film festival Ertem Göreç was given honorary award. This year, we think giving honour awards to famous actress and directors. The first and second days of documentary cinema and filmmakers and academics will attend related problems Festival Turkish cinema narrative interviews will be conducted.

In our festival newly made student films are presenting by University every year in the ”Süleyman Demirel Kültür Merkezi” with 400 and 800 seats including two movie theatres. Also this year the festival will be held in a new cinema saloon names Çatalhöyük. Important figures of the film industry, documentary cinema, Turkish cinema, independent films such as interviews with filmmakers and film scenarios gather in Konya. Participating films in the competition are examines in aspect of Cinematographic, scenario and technical aspects and successful films are awarded in this regard.

The festival in fifteen years made a critical infrastructure in the field of short films and documentaries in Konya. Around 85,000 students are studying at Selcuk University. During the Kısa-Ca Film festival, it’s not only shown interest for communication faculty students but also among the other faculty students very well. Students are filling the Cinema saloons every year. This year the festival will also have their foreign guest directors and academics. Latvia and Kosovo film schools will attend as guest cinema schools.

Best Fiction Film Award
Best Documentary Film Award
Best Experimental Film Award
Best Animation Film Award
Aykut Oray Special Award (Fiction Branch)
Prof. Dr. Âlim Şerif ONARAN Special Award (Experimental Branch)
Süha ARIN Special Award (Documentary Branch)
Special Jury Award for Documentary
Special Jury Award for Fiction
24 Square Cinema Society Special Award
Kısaca film workshop Special Award

- The participating films can be produced in the desired format.

- Movies can be submitted either MPEG2, MOV or H.264 format.

- There is no limitation on the types and themes which will apply for short films. Example: fiction, experimental, documentary, animation movies.

- 30 minutes are the limitation for all kind of films.

- In the contest associate, bachelor or graduate students, as well as all students who are studying abroad may also participate.

- Movies that have applied to participate in the contest, though produced by a team, the application must be submit by the director of the film.

- Participants can participate in more branches.

- Candidates who participate in the competition, it’s deemed to accept the conditions in the specification.

- The participants of the festival must need to submit the following documents and materials with their films until 28 September, 2018.