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Kiran (A ray of hope...)

“Law is in action whenever there is wrong in the society. However, at the same time we also need a positive societal built-up to abstain people from doing wrong”. Despite having a robust legal framework for non-discrimination, the transgender community at large is struggling in pursuit of equality.
Kiran, a qualified advocate, being a transgender exposed to the humiliation and exploitation in walks of life, finally being optimistic found some motivation in a tweet of a law firm applauding the judiciary’s views on equality, dared to apply for a job at their leading work place. On the day of the interview, amongst the shortlisted candidates, Harshita, a granddaughter of a distinguished Judge was interviewed, despite her less interest in the offered profile a partner of the law firm Adv. Ranjeet (the interviewer) appraises her privileged background as her qualification for the job and an asset to the firm. After qualifying for initial shortlisting, Kiran approaches for an interview, but to his disappointment encounters the common reactions from the interviewer, who is supposed to be a torch bearer for justice. Disheartened Kiran without manipulating, replies to the interviewers’ prejudice subtly, and wraps up the conversation to leave the interview. Adv. Ranjeet being terrified with Kiran’s reaction narrates the incident to the other two partners, Adv. Pallavi and Adv. Abhijeet. Though Adv. Pallavi looks at this episode as an encouraging step from Kiran and relates the struggle of a transgender community with women's liberation. Nevertheless Adv. Abhijeet feels that their firm will be at fault if they do not offer Kiran a fair chance for an interview. Kiran with full determination reflects well in a fair call for an interview. More than a result of an interview, being heard without any prejudice gives Kiran a sense of being relevant.
Partners select Kiran and Harshita and both of them even join the firm. Harshita being perused as a privileged one and Kiran being perused as not qualified, ultimately stand on equal footing with their education and inclusion, truly reflecting the spirit of the preamble “An Equality of Status and of Opportunity”.

  • Bhushan Arun Mehare
  • Bhushan Arun Mehare
  • Sachin Vishwasroa Patil
  • Bhushan Arun Mehare
  • Chinmay Patwardhan
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 30, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    1,500 USD
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  • Language:
    English, Hindi
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Director Biography - Bhushan Arun Mehare

I started my creative journey from my college
days in 2003 at Pune. For the last 20 years, I have
been into storytelling and exploring through
Theater, Cinema & Music.
Alongside my active involvement in Pune’s
drama circle, I have been an advocate since 2008,
first-class degree holder in MBA (HR) and a Ph.D.
holder in the area of International Human Resource
Management. My grooming from the rural terrain
and being from a family of progressive social
reformers, I enjoyed teaching to MBA students for
almost 10 years in Pune’s elite educational
institute. Being an artist at heart all my scholarly
engagements forced me to pursue a limitless
the platform of films and showcase my little
understanding of society and human behavior. My
passion for art and craft is not allowing me to give
justice to my academic profession. I am
learned Tabla player and reasonably played the
majority of rhythmic instruments. In the past two
decades I was also part of the core team to Manage
Mega events/ concerts /awards /shows
/intercollegiate fests, which also include taking
groups of 130 people to the UK, Europe, and so on. I
also, conduct theater workshops and develop a
module “Theatrics - An Art of Developing Self”, it
amalgamates performing arts, life skills and
management fundamentals.

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Director Statement

We all have been brought up with some narratives in life that reflect discrimination against others. Many times it's only in the subconscious and occasionally reflects in behaviour. Such discriminating behavior will have a huge negative impact when it is been done by a highly educated one. On the other hand, there is well well-received notion i.e., “Education alone can open doors for equality.
In this social setup, Kiran being a transgender decided for himself and chose the path of education for life. Kiran, as an advocate, aspires to be the voice of equality for their community but struggles a lot for facing discrimination at every step. The patience crosses its limits Kiran when an advocate (to whom we expect to know law and society at its best) offers humiliating conduct.
The protagonist Kiran is not only a representation of the transgender community but also a voice of every individual who has been discriminated against for some or the other reason. The film is an attempt to build a narrative that, everyone has a right to voice their opinion, and listening to it will lead to some positive change. At the same time, while dealing with a discriminating mindset one should not stop from curating a space for stroking our opinion.