If you make Music Videos you need to know the following:

Every September, in a small fishing town called Kinsale in West Cork, Ireland, creative people from all over the world (writers, directors, producers, muso’s, designers, photographers, editors, animators etc.) assemble hoping to receive an award for their creative endeavours. The awards are called ‘Kinsale Sharks’ and they look just like the one above. The festival is unlike any other creative festival, partly because of the location (some of the best pubs, restaurants and views in the world) but also because of ‘the vibe’ – creative, alternative and cool. Kinsale is that kind of place and that kind of festival – somewhere you can meet like minds, be stimulated and come away creatively charged.

The MV awards at the Kinsale Sharks is very much targeted towards to the people who make them. Now in it's 3rd year The Music Video Awards have slotted seamlessly into the Kinsale schedule and is now rooted as one of the most popular aspects of the festival. Many of our aficionados already work across the concise world of commercials, branded content and short films so the festival's embrace of MVs is a welcome inclusion. Especially as these different art forms often overlap and intertwine.

The year's judges are a mix of Production company execs and commissioners from the record labels. These are; Juliette Larthe, co- founder pf Prettybird in London, Otis Bell of OB Management in London, Shadeh Smith Director of VP at Atlantic Records in LA and Mike O'Keefe who is VP of Creative for Sony Music also based in London. So, if you want to get your work exposed to some of the world's top commissioners of MV, now is the time to enter.

The coveted Shark Head Trophy.

Voted by french designers as the coolest of trophies.

1. The MV must have been “completed” and “aired" no earlier than 1st June 2016.
2. Closing dates for entry is 1 Sept 2017.
3. The Shortlist will be published on our website early September
4. Films previously entered at Kinsale are not eligible even if it was in a different category than the one that is now being considered.
5. The jury reserves the right not to make any award in any category if the creative standard has not been met.
6. You grant us permission, if requested, to use a still image (of your choice) for publicity purposes on our website and social media pages.
7. Low Budget = less than €10,000
8. Irish Entries should be directed by an Irish Passport Holder and/or produced through an Irish Production company.