KINOLIKBEZ is a creative laboratory that produces independent avant-garde and experimental films. Avant-garde of the world, unite!

The Golden Jean-Luc is the grand prize of the festival awarded in five categories: Feature Film (Live Action), Short Film (Live Action), Documentary, Animated Film, and Essay Film (Video Art). The Silver Jean-Luc prize is awarded in these five categories for the best editing, cinematography, acting, script or idea. In addition, a special jury award might be presented to an exceptional artistic achievement. One more nomination that is awarded with a Silver Jean-Luc prize is the Audience Award, where the winner is selected as a result of polling all the attendees.

We consider independent experimental films of any style or form, e.g. live action, documentary or animation. We proudly provide a unique platform for young and creative directors, actors and screenwriters to share, evaluate and discuss each other’s ideas. Submission of both feature films (more than 60 mins) and short films is free of charge. All films in a language other than Russian must be either subtitled or provided with a dialogue list in Russian. Films will only be shown at the Festival; excerpts from films (no more than 1 min) may be used for Festival brochures, promotion videos or our website.

Overall Rating
  • Masoud Ghodsieh

    Kinolikbez is perfect film festival

    June 2020
  • Tania Sharavarava

    Great festival. I was happy to participate.

    July 2019
  • Demjan Koryagin

    Everything is on top! I liked it all very much!

    July 2019
  • Great Festival!, Thanks a lot for the selection and for your help to experimental art and cinema!

    July 2019
  • Michael Lyons

    Thank you for supporting experimental film!

    July 2019