Kin Spirits

  • Bill Hutchens
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    United Kingdom
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    United Kingdom
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Director Biography - Bill Hutchens

When Bill was in his mid 40’s he turned my life upside down to pursue a life he felt passionate about. That was when he became an actor, and playing a character in a story made him feel alive, as it still does. Then slowly but surely the desire to tell the whole story, and from his unique perspective, grew stronger and stronger until I knew he had to start making films.
Bill’s directional debut was with the short film The Beast Next Door, and has make several short films since, including the recently completed, Advantage, Love. Bill has a number of exciting feature film projects coming up including The Last Daves, September Baby, Hadron and The Art of Resurrection.

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Director Statement

What initially attracted me to Kin Spirits was the humour, but what made me want to make the movie was what it said about families, relationships and acceptance. Most families are mix of functional and seeming dysfunctional relationships, people reveal there true selves, there is betrayal, adultery, self discovery, respect, love and so much more. Families and relationships are messy, and that’s ok. With acceptance there is space for everyone.

The movie is a comedy about an alcoholic psychic, but at its core it is about family, and everyday people leading normal lives. So to reflect that as accurately as possible I went away from having any visual effects of spirits or anything like that, and grounded it in everyday life. That means messy houses, messy lives, messy people, and a natural, down to earth look and feel.

What I hope this movie shows is that not matter what happens, no matter how seemingly dysfunctional or unusual, a functioning extended family is possible if everyone gives a little and accepts each other for who they are.