Kim Ha Sung, I won't do it. Who will get the Heart and Hustle Award

Kim Ha-sung's uniform is always dirty. This is because he often flies in defense or base running. Due to the high risk of injury, head first sliding that other players are reluctant to do is like eating. Whether the results are successful or not, it has a great resonance for fans. Kim Ha-sung has grown into one of the most enthusiastic players among Petco Park's home fans. Whenever Kim Ha-sung comes out, fans shout out the name of Ha Sung Kim.

In a recent special article by Kim Ha-sung, The San Diego Union-Tribune tactfully evaluated, This second baseman, who routinely flies with helmets and sunglasses as if he were caught in a Texas twister, has quietly risen to one of the most valuable players in baseball. It is a phrase that symbolically expresses Kim Ha-sung's image this season, where his helmet is often peeled off in the process of running with all his might and flying his body. And the hustle play was recognized by everyone.

The MLBPAA announced 30 candidates for the 2023 Heart and Hustle Awards on the 4th. The award, selected by retired players by forming a committee, is given to the player who best embodies his passion for baseball, dedication, value for the game, spirit and tradition. His skills are also skills, but he can be seen as evaluating his respect and truth for the game of baseball. As it is selected by people, it is known to consider various aspects such as work-assay.

From the perspective of retired players, Kim Ha-sung was sincere in the sport of baseball and did his best. One person was selected for each team, and the final winner out of a total of 30 will be announced in mid-November. Even if he does not necessarily become the final winner, he has become a representative of the team, which is a great impression for Kim Ha-sung.

Kim Ha-sung also wrote on social media after the award, "It means a lot to me. He seems to be thrilled that his attitude of doing his best in the game has been recognized. In fact, it is significant that Kim Ha-sung, who did his best in the process of starting with a backup player who is not receiving much attention and becoming one of the second baseman representing the Major League, has been re-examined.

Just looking at the list of players who finally won the Heart and Hustle Awards reveals what retired players think is important. David Exstein 2005, Craig Vizio 2006-2007, Greedy Sizemore 2008, Albert Pujols 2009, Roy Halladay 2010, Tory Hunter 2011, Mike Trout 2012, Dustin Pedroia 2013, Josh Harrison 2014, Anthony Rizzo 2015, Todd Frazier 2016, and Brett's 2018 have all played best players in 2018.

He became the second Korean player to win the "Heart and Hustle Awards. Earlier, Choo Shin-soo became a player representing the team twice during Cleveland and Cincinnati. Choo Shin-soo was also famous for his relentless play. Korean players have usually received good reviews at work ceremonies, and Kim Ha-sung's award this time can also have a positive impact on the future of his juniors.

It's not just hustle play. Baseball is also the best this year. As of the 4th, Kim Ha-sung is showing his peak skills with a batting average of 0.284, 15 home runs, 41 RBIs, 22 steals, and an OPS on-base percentage + slugging percentage of 0.838 in 104 games of the season. At a time when defense is already recognized as the best in the league, even the attack is on fire.

As a result, all of them are ranked at the top in the contribution to victory WAR compared to alternative players counted by various media. In the tally of Fangraph, which is considered a little more public confidence in the batter evaluation, it recorded a WAR of 4.1, ranking seventh overall in the fielders. Even though the season is still far away, it has already surpassed the WAR recorded last year 3.7.

In front of Kim Ha-sung, only Ronald Acuña Jr. Atlanta, Otani Shohei LA Angels, Freddie Freeman LA Dodgers, Mookie Betts LA Dodgers, Juan Soto San Diego, and Louis Robert Chicago White Sox are located. The fact that these prominent stars and Kim Ha-sung are competing for the WAR rankings is in itself a huge deal. Kim Ha-sung is having the best season ever. The Heart and Hustle Awards is another valuable title created in the process.

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