Kim Ha Sung, 2 Hits And 2 RBIs Yesterday

Kim Ha-sung, who played as the first second baseman, struck out Houston starter Christian Javier in his first at-bat in the first inning. In the third inning, he struck out even when there was no runner with one out. He showed signs of lethargy in the fourth inning. With two outs and runners on second base, he swallowed his disappointment with a strikeout. It was the most regrettable that he stepped down with a fly ball to second base in the sixth inning with one out and a full base chance. He picked up a walk in the ninth inning.

Houston won the game 7-5. San Diego was in the batting order of Kim Ha-sung - Fernando Tatis Jr. - Juan Soto - Manny Machado - Xander Bogartz - Luis Campusano - Jurickson Profa - Matthew Batten - Trent Grisham. The starting pitcher is Seth Lugo.

Houston formed a starting lineup with Jose Altuve - Jeremy Peña - Jordan Alvarez - Alex Bregman - Kyle Tucker - Jose Abreu - Michael Brantley - Dubon Mauricio - Martin Maldonado. Christian Javier is on the starting mound.

The first run is Houston's. After two outs, Alvarez shot a superior solo arch to take the lead. San Diego then succeeded in reversing the game by completing a big inning in the fourth inning. With two outs and runners on second base, Campusano balanced 1-1 with a timely hit to the middle, and propa's superior two-run arch continued to lead 3-1. Following Batten's walk, Grisham's right-center double widened the gap to 4-1.

Houston got a chance to first and third base with Abreu's walk and Brantley's heavy hit in the bottom of the fourth inning and followed one run with Dubon's infield grounder. And following Altuve and Peña's consecutive hits in the fifth inning, Alvarez's one-run double caught up to 3-4 chin. When Tucker hit a double, he brought two home. 5-4. Abreu, Brantley, Dubon and Maldonado's consecutive hits added two more points.

After one out in the sixth inning, San Diego chased one run with consecutive hits by Campusano, Propa and Batten. Grisham picked up a walk and got the bases loaded. Kim Ha-sung and Tatis Jr. stepped down with an infield fly ball and failed to score any more points.

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