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Killing a Living God

TV, Thriller/Period drama. Think of Game of Thrones set in pre-Columbian North America. Based on an existing IP (16 million copies sold)

PILOT LOGLINE: A shady young man posing as Trader lands in Cahokia and plots to assassinate the Morning Star, the God resurrected in the human body of the eldest son of the ruling Four Winds Clan. Meanwhile, his sister Night Shadow Star travels to the Underworld where the God Piasa possesses her soul and sets her up to become his pawn in a much bigger game of power, death, vengeance and love.

  • Francesca Varisco
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    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Drama, Thriller, Period
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Writer Biography - Francesca Varisco

A 2019 Nicholl Semi Finalist with her feature script The Code, Francesca is a creative soul full of curiosity who loves storytelling. Despite too many years spent in corporate Communication, her love for Literature and her passion for writing survived: she somehow managed to escape and started telling more meaningful stories - a photo-reportage, poems and texts for theatre... and, scripts. She's grateful to have received great notes that help her tremendously on her journey to become a better writer. Her stories explore universal themes or controversial topics. Most of the times, they have a happy ending.

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