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Kids of the Black Hole

Baba and his squad of squatters fight to stop the bank from seizing a commune that he has called home since aging out of his orphanage.

  • Nate O'Mahoney
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Contest
    Los Angeles
    August 15, 2018
Writer Biography - Nate O'Mahoney

Nate is an LA based writer and director from central California with a proclivity for stories about seldom discussed social issues. He moved to Los Angeles at eighteen to begin his film career as a Set PA as a means to getting his foot in the door, and has worked his way toward a writers room ever since. He has written and directed three short films, one season of a web-series, two commercials, and is presently shopping two pilots. He is currently cutting his teeth as a Writers' Assistant, having worked in rooms for the Emmy winning Homeland and FOX hit, The Resident.

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Writer Statement

As a middle class skate punk, I grew up surrounded by friends from all tax brackets. I watched affluent kids boxed in by expectations abandon their relationships with "lower class" friends. I watched good friends spend nights in jail for sleeping in public, avoiding their broken homes. I watched some of those kids die from drug habits they picked up living that way, and I watched some of them find a way out. These people sought to redefine their own American Dream by living on their own terms, reliant only on each other, and we as a nation make that very difficult for them. I want to depict society's rejects in a different light, warts and all.