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Lost Wounds

In a world built on alienation, we present the thrilling tale of a jealous man, a woman on the edge fighting for her existence, and a smear of blood on the domestic bed weaving a sordid tapestry of lust, voyeurism, sexuality and consequences. A school of thought posits that very soon the two prime genders will be at war. We think it has already started… in our bedrooms.
According to the Indian Penal Code, Domestic Rape is not a crime. According to Urban Myth, a slut is somebody who sleeps with everybody but you. According to Patriarchy, a woman belongs to her man, body and soul. This film examines all those assumptions in clinical isolation. It does not answer but asks at the end “So who won?” Two trees on either side of a narrow street are swayed by a storm; they clash, branches break, and each wait for a strong wind to uproot either of them. Unfortunately in a world where LOVE is a four-lettered word, and loneliness is the new normal the storm brews all the time but never comes.
Shot is single space this film is a journey to nowhere land and an experiment in silence where every pretence is stripped off.

  • Ankur Das
  • Sunayani
  • Sukanya Roy
  • Husne Shabnam
    Key Cast
  • Anindya Banerjee
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 14 minutes 4 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 15, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    26,242 USD
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Director Biography - Ankur Das

I completed my graduation in Media Studies in 2007 and started assisting in direction and production in non-fiction projects with Independent filmmakers like Arghya Basu, Anirban Datta, Amlan Datta and many others. Later on, I started working as a freelance video editor. Later in 2009, JU Media lab approached me to video archive National Instrument Limited, which was India’s premier optical equipment and mathematical instruments manufacturing company and had shut down during the mid-90s. In 2010, I made my first non-fiction work “Graveyard of Memories”. The film dwells upon the chaos within the emptiness and sets a journey through the enigma of the absent. Associated with life and dynamicity, the film attempts to resurrect the cluster of memories through images and sounds. This documentary premiered in Asiatica Film Mediale, Italy, in 2012 and later on other spaces. In 2018, I made a 360/ VR short film as a part of the mixed media exhibition, Response, by CIMA. It is a VR (Virtual reality) experience of the space as it is; called “Standing Alone…Shifting Gaze”.
Khur (Lost Wounds) is my first fiction in feature-length. It too deals with emptiness and space but in a different format.

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Director Statement

I first came across Khur (Lost Wound) as a short story. That reading session overpowered my mind with lots of images, self-doubt about my sexuality and patriarchy hidden inside me. I was shocked, traumatized and amazed by the story. As an Indian male, I had seen friends family-members like ‘Satyajit’ throughout my life and of course ‘sikha’. Almost every female friends or relative face problems like ‘Sikha’. ‘Sikha’ is always there in our society. That provokes me to adopt the story into film form. In Bengali ‘Khur’ is a cutting tool, and in this film, it is a tool to cut the patriarchy through sexuality.
I always inspired by the films which narrate a story as it is and without judgements. That form of storytelling inspired me to make films. In this film, I experimented with that. The form evolved from my non-fiction practice of film making; rather actuality study of daily life, which is a poetic justification of ‘Death Life and etc’. This film is a process to cut out my own patriarchy which is taught by the society throughout my upbringing.
This is my first experiment in fiction to show reality as it is.