Private Project

Khat Ka Anand

(Bliss Of Letter)
Today Meenal is writing a letter like every other day. The soft winds and the rains made the morning fresher and greener, though Meenal on the contrary, looks as dry as autumn leaves.
Suraj, Meenal’s other half left for work even before the henna on her hands could fade away. His work, duties, and responsibilities are inevitable. Yes, this is the story of someone’s life, serving the military.
Suraj, a brave soldier guarding the Indo-Chinese border. And 'his responsibilities', the reason why Meenal couldn’t be with her husband for a long time.
Meenal’s happiness drowned as soon as Suraj left for work. She found a way to depict her silence, it was through letters, by mentioning how largely she misses him and loves him. Meenal while staying at her mother’s, after Suraj left, began to write a letter in the present day as well, she used to say everything by writing things that were heartfelt by those moments.

Those were the times when people didn’t express love openly. Meenal’s father was a postman, she used to give those letters to him and his father would also bring some letters back while returning home, as Suraj used to write back to her wife. Telling how much he loved her. Time flew, days passed, and Meenal becomes unhappier.

Meenal’s Love poems were still in writing, but she stood in sorrow since she had no letters or replies coming from her husband. Few miserable days went by and finally, there comes a letter by Suraj, that her father brought. Meenal blossomed like a fresh lily as soon as she touched the letter and once again, the story of love letters resumed. Since Meenal now, was happier than ever, she used to express more, the most she could.
It was a dark evening, Electrical failure led to a blackout in the house. Meenal began to lighten lamps as her mother asked so. In the process, she went to her father's room and was surprised to see that her father jittered as she opened the door, he tried to hide something. 'Never seen him like this before'- thought Meenal.
For the moment, she resisted asking anything to her father and went back but couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Wondering, What was he doing?

That night, once everybody fell asleep. Meenal went to her father’s room again to discover the truth. The first thing to notice was the torn papers on the floor that her father threw. That had her address. It seemed to Meenal as if her father was trying to write letters to someone, so she started searching thoroughly.
Few seconds and Meenal was surprised to have found, that these were the same letters that she gave to her father. Before she could get out of the current shock, she found another letter over letter pad, which referred to Suraj.
It was Meenal’s father who wrote all the letters pretending to be Suraj.
She was in utter pain and started crying, meanwhile found another letter, only this time it was a real one from Indian Defence. 'Suraj Singh was found missing after the previous invasion'- stated the letter.
Meenal’s father watched her cry and left the place secretly.

Another time, but Meenal wrote a letter, gave it to her father for sending them to her beloved Suraj yet again as if nothing ever happened, keeping all the pain to her heart and pretending to be a stranger to the state of affairs.
Until Suraj arrives, Meenal lives in the bliss of letter...

  • Asim Ali Inamdar
  • Asim Ali Inamdar
  • Mainuddin Jamadar
  • Yash Sontakke
  • Gayatri
    Key Cast
    "Meenal Sharma"
  • Amit Jha
    Key Cast
    "Suraj Sharma"
  • Pradeep Bhide
    Key Cast
    "Meenal's father"
  • Achala Dixit
    Key Cast
    "Meenal's mother"
  • Pavan Choudhary
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    38 minutes 29 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 31, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Asim Ali Inamdar