‘The Bureau’ is an office for the arts, where creativity comes to thrive. This is why we made The Ken Griffiths Bureau Award as one of our first projects: a photography competition that celebrates the wonders of the world, bringing awareness to the beauty of our planet and the people on it.

The award will support talent by putting their work in front of a panel of renowned judges from the world of photography, publishing and art. The winners will receive a prize, and their work will be showcased in an exhibition in 2022. A selection of the works will also be displayed in The Bureau Gallery in Frome, Somerset.

Ken Griffiths was a New Zealand born photojournalist who arrived in London in 1969 to study photography at the Royal College of Art. Just a couple of years later, he won the Telegraphs “Young Photographer of the Year” award, marking the beginning of a brilliant career where he contributed to a wide range of periodicals, from the Sunday Times and Traveller to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair, to name a few. His adventurous spirit meant he travelled the world telling the stories of people and the land. Staying true to old-fashioned photographic equipment and his trusty Gandolfi Camera (as seen in our logo!), he never gave in to the lure of digital photography. Ken was one of a kind and we want to celebrate his passion for the craft through this Award.

Timothy Allen:
born in Tonbridge in the South East of England in 1971. At 22, he left the UK and spent 3 years traveling through Indonesia before beginning a part-time diploma in photography at Hereford College of Art and Design. After joining an aid convoy to Bosnia in order to shoot his first year reportage project his work received some attention and he consequently left college, moved to London and began working for the Sunday Telegraph, later inspiring commissions from all the British broadsheet publications and finally, a 6 year position at The Independentworking predominantly on features and portraits.

Beginning in 2009 the BBC commissioned Timothy to work on the landmark series Human Planet. For two years he was in charge of the production’s photography, his job included shooting film footage and multimedia content as well as the conventional photographic stills destined for use in the programme’s worldwide publicity, a best selling book and a touring photographic exhibition.

Robin Bell:
is one of Britain's most respected black & white printers. He is one of the few professionals who continue to specialise in hand processing black & white film and hand printing black & white images, all to an exceptionally high standard.

Over the years, Robin has printed for many world-renowned photographers, including Ernst Haas, Terry O'Neill, Eve Arnold, Don McCullin, Ken Griffiths, David Bailey, Tom Stoddart, Bill Brandt, Clive Arrowsmith, Richard Avedon, Terence Donovan, Norman Parkinson and Linda McCartney, as well as many others.

Robin's versatility, dedication and collaborative approach have made him a favourite with photographers of all genres. Robin approaches every project – however large or small - with exactly the same level of care and attention to detail; helping photographers bring out the best in their images and working closely with them to achieve the desired end result. From folio images to editorial & documentary, from advertising and marketing to archives and historic collections, Robin has participated in almost every sphere of black & white printing .

As well as working on exhibitions for these established photographers, he continues to process and print for many new photographers who work with film and also convert digital files into black and white negatives, from which silver gelatin prints can be made—a handy partnership between old and new technology.


- The winners will receive a physical award and laurels in recognition of their success.
- A selection of works, chosen from the winners, will have the chance to be put up for sale in The Bureau Gallery in Frome, Somerset,
- All winners’ works will be put on the Bureau Gallery website in a dedicated section.
- The Analogue winner of the year - chosen from all the analogue submissions, will also be rewarded with a Ken Griffiths embossed and signed print, accompanied with an authenticity certificate.
- Runners up will get awarded with a digital award certificate and laurels.


- All winning pictures will be showcased and awards presented during an exclusive exhibition in London in May 2022 (venue and date to be announced ).
- An online video exhibition will also be created of all winning works.

To be considered, each submission must include:

- Title
- Author’s name
- Format and type of camera (must clearly specify whether analogue or digital)
- An author’s statement or letter of intent related to the picture should include details of the picture, such as location, subject and any other relevant information.

Other general rules:

- You may submit up to 5 photos per category with each entry purchase. If you wish to submit more than 3 categories, a discount code can be acquired for further entries. Please contact ruby@kengriffithsbureau.co.uk to get a personal code.
- Entries are final and non-refundable.
- Submissions are online only.
- The submitter must be the author of the picture. In case the submitter is an agent or a representative, they must specify it in the credits section of each project profile.
- The work can be the product of a collaboration for the ‘Photography & Art’ category, and if so, it must be clearly stated, and all parties should give permission to use the image/art.
- By submitting the work, the author gives their express authorisation to the award to showcase and exhibit your submitted work with no limitation, via any network, digital or print, for all non-commercial purposes.
- All levels of expertise are accepted. Any device is accepted as long as the final work can be considered a product of a camera.
- Some grade editing is acceptable on digital pictures.
- No pornography, but art nude is accepted.
- We reserve the right to decline or disqualify any submission that would be considered unethical, aggressive or disrespectful.
- All that submit will automatically be signed up to our newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.