"Folks Are Usually About as Happy as They Make Up Their Minds To Be." --Kat Thomas (by way of Abraham Lincoln...)
Kat Thomas is the CEO and Founder of This Way Adventures LLC, a creative media company focusing on on symbology, sensuality and spirituality.
Her work has been featured on and or at: BravoTV, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Civilized, Wifey.tv, Thrillist, E Online!, Funny or Die, the Funny Women Festival, Westside Comedy Theatre, Verge Magazine, the Santa Monica Observer, and Imagine News.
Ongoing projects include: The Green Light District, a cannabis based events and entertainment company producing events in the recreational marijuana states of the United States, BlingOSaurus, producer of large scale rhinestoned art installations, The Zelda Fitzgeralds, custom crafted one-of-a-kind typewritten poetry on-site using nationally ranked poets featured at events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Ojai, Portland, and Phoenix, Edible Skinny, a travel & food blog dedicated to making your life postcard worthy. And a photographer with past clients including: SeaRiver, Exxon Mobile, Minnesota Vikings, State Street Bank, TMEG Productions, and Do Right Industries.
As a wordsmith Kat has written SFUMATO, an existential vampire novel set at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MAGIC LITTLE PILLS, a comedy screenplay set in a pyramid scheme, and UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES, a screwball comedy screenplay set on the world's longest international flight. As a Reporter her articles have been published in Civilized, Edible Skinny, AMA Feed, Verge Magazine, the Santa Monica Observer, Whole Life Times, and The Argonaut. She is the illustrator and writer of the internationally selling grown-ups coloring book guide to the world of stripping: THE HAPPIEST STRIPPER.
As a performer Kat is has entertained audiences all over the country (29 states) including the Sundance Film Festival, the Beverly Hills Hilton, the El Cid in Los Angeles, The Moth, The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, LA Fashion Week, Dantes in Portland, The Hustler Club in Las Vegas, and the clubs of Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
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"Folks Are Usually About as Happy as They Make Up Their Minds To Be." --Kat Thomas (by way of Abraham Lincoln...)