Karmic Shorts is a unique short film competition. In addition to being seen by our award-winning board of filmmakers, the winning script will receive a fully realized production. Beyond the connections and resume boosts offered by other competitions, Karmic Shorts gives you the opportunity to bypass the often endless circuit of talks and red tape between competition winners and their production, and jumps right to the part that matters most to you, bringing your script to life.

Winners receive in house services worth over $10,000 including a full camera, lighting, and post production package, as well as guidance for film distribution and festival entry.

All writers are encouraged to have a hand in the production, if in the New York City area they are of course welcome on set throughout the production. If there is a specific element of production you would like a hand in please specify in your synopsis. If you are located outside of the New York City area a mobile viewing station can be established. Winners will be consulted throughout pre-production on cast and crew decisions.

Scripts should be no more than 12 pages long. We are interested in scripts of any genre or topic. Scripts must be in English. Please include a one page or less story synopsis with your submission.

Have a brilliant idea for a short film but aren't quite sure how to translate it into a script? Submit a treatment of your story! If a treatment is selected, writers will work with a screenwriter to bring their story to the page before production begins. Treatments can be up to 20 pages long.

Karmic Shorts has a tri-monthly application process and even though finalists may not be chosen for full production they will be automatically re-entered into the next round of submissions free of charge. Finalists are also eligible to receive a series of services including script notes and development guidance.

Karmic Shorts is a competition that brings the world of your script closer to realization than any other.

The winning short screen play will receive a fully realized production.
Select finalists are eligible for development guidance and free submission into the next round of scripts.

All scripts must be in English, 12 pages or less.

1. Upon winning, production rights to screenplays pass to Karmic Release Ltd. for a period of 10 years. Karmic Release Ltd. must produce said screenplay within a period of 1.5 years. If it does not, rights revert back to their original holder.
2. Upon winning, Karmic Release holds a percentage of all other rights associated with the production including but not limited to (merchandising, music, and adaptations) in all mediums.
3. The artist retains a percentage of the aforementioned rights and is entitled to negotiate.
4. The Artist acknowledges that they have sent Karmic Release Ltd. the work of their own will and volition, and that Karmic Release Ltd. has seen the work with the artist's permission.