Karessa' Vault in One Way Out

Karessa' leads a dangerous life. Growing up in an environment of dereliction to become a notorious criminal, being in the underworld of society trouble can come from anywhere. When she put her trust in a friend, it turns into a inescapable situation where she has no choice but to comply. That's when she realize it's no way out. Until a opportunity presents itself. Then it's not when to get out but how to do it. Will she take it?

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Writer Biography

Author J. Wrice Sr. is one of the founding members of the legendary music organization the ILL–STATE ASSASSINS and a member of the Grammy Nominated group Tha Chamba from Chicago. He wrote his first book “Ill 4 Life! Our Time, My Story” in 2016 and self-publish the book in 2017. It became a must have in your archive of Chicago hip-hop music history and put him in another light other than just a recording artist. Remembering the days of being homeless and not knowing where his next meal will come from J. Wrice Sr. stayed strong on the journey he was placed on. Even though his book is based on true events that happened doing the 1980’s and 1990’s, he doesn’t condone his negative behavior doing this time in his life but want future generations to learn from it and inspire to do better.

Since his first book debut he now has more books under his belt with many more to come, he’s also a big advocate of staying focus and don’t let anything or anyone hinder what you are put on this earth to do. “A person should only surrender oneself to the temptation of purposes that will leave their print on the world long after their demise.”

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Writer Statement

I have written a three book series titled Karessa' Vault In One Way Out. From book lovers loving the series and telling me it would make a great movie prompt me to learn to write a movie script. Hopefully I did a good if not excellent job and you can see my vision.