Kameleon Festival was designed in 2010, as an initiative made to celebrate the Art. The idea of the festival was to encourage the artistic yield of artists in the orbit of Theatre, Films, Arts & Culture. India has a great spiritual and artistically rich history. One needs to pay attention to the aspiration of the present time. Whatever the art forms maybe, there is some difficulty to find the exact space or the other in practicing it. Ultimately, all artists are storytellers. The present aspirations as we sense is: the artistic breathing of this country. We are trying to create a permanent space for the work these artists do and social structures for the artists to live and thrive in at the same time keeping in mind “Art is for People” and constantly evolve with people. After a gap of three years, Kameleon Festival is back and the 3rd edition is dedicated for the Independent Film Makers, to celebrate aspiring young Independent Film Makers and to create a space for new thoughts on Film making.

Pondicherry by its own history have the possibility of incarnate the artistic and cultural aspect of Indian heritage and foreign at the same time generates a dynamic space for contemporary art practitioner to "Explore and Exhibit" their artistic vision. This constant thought and realisation made us to form an Art festival in Pondicherry for the Artists and the People. We are focusing for a sizeable fiesta in the area of Arts & Culture.

Kameleon Festival is organised by “Indianostrum Theatre”, a non profit charitable trust based in Pondicherry with the support of Tourism Department, Puducherry, India and Alliance Française Pondicherry, India.


● All awards are presented at the close of public exhibitions. The cash awards are:

● Young Indian Filmmaker Fellowship is presented by "Puducherry Tourism" to support ONE young Indian filmmaker every year, To pursue their next film project and to promote the movie making culture at Puducherry.

● Best Film Award is given for THREE films selected by the jury irrespective of Genre and Language

● Director/Producer/crew member (only one person per film) of few selected films will be invited to attend the festival. The festival will take care of travel and local hospitality.

Rules and Guidelines

Kameleon International Film Festival is an independent festival organized by Indianostrum Theatre in partnership with Puducherry Tourism and Allaince Francaise de Pondicherry. The mission of the festival is to celebrate and encourage aspiring independent and young filmmakers.


● KIFF is a juried competition, open to any independent or student filmmaker worldwide. Any recent Documentaries/Short Fiction/Animations Works will be considered for competition only if they are of a total running time of 30 minutes or less, and were completed after July 1, 2012. The Festival committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project.

● Films of all languages are eligible, but they should have English subtitles.


● There is no entry fee for submission.

● Films can be submitted either directly by post (DVD) / by providing the festival screening committee with access to a secure online link

● To submit your film as a DVD screener through the mail: DVD should be labeled with the Film and Applicants name. Please ship your screener DVD in a bubble-pack envelope. Receipt of your entry is acknowledged by email to the address listed on your entry form. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish an additional receipt of your entry.

● To submit your film online: Please provide a SECURE online link to the film screener download. All appropriate passwords must be included on the entry form. Online link submissions and entry forms should be emailed to: kameleon.festival@gmail.com.

● A completed entry form must be submitted with each project. Multiple submissions by the same director and/or Production Company are accepted, but a separate completed form must accompany each film. Unsigned entry forms will be rejected.

● The entry must also include the following: film description (50 words or less), complete production credits, director’s head shot (digital, 200 dpi min.), director’s bio, list of previous and planned screenings, and (3) stills from the film (digital, 200 dpi min.).

● All submitted promotional materials become the property of the KIFF and its presenting organization, the Indianostrum Theatre. These materials cannot be returned. By submitting this material and signing the release form, you acknowledge KIFF's right to copy any material for the festival’s non-commercial use only.

● The deadline for entries in the festival is Friday, October 10, 2015. Applicants will be notified of their status after Screening Committee viewing. The latest notification date for Official Selection is November 10, 2015.

● Official Selection Filmmakers will be asked to supply the festival program committee with a digital copy of their competition film upon notification of acceptance to the festival.


● Entries are pre-screened by the Festival Selection Committee. This panel, headed by the Festival Director, selects fifty films from the submission field. These Official Selection Films are then given public exhibition. Official Jury view the public exhibition programs and award the festival’s cash prizes. Jury panel is made up of artists, critics, writers, filmmakers, and educators.


● By signing the entry form, the filmmaker gives the Kameleon International Short Film Festival permission to use all submitted promotional materials, including but not limited to film stills, descriptions, director’s biography and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of festival promotion and publicity. Please note: KIFF may petition filmmakers to use clips from Official Selection Films for both television and Internet publicity. However, KIFF will not authorize television broadcast of any footage without the direct consent of the filmmaker and/or producers.