Kadoma International Film Festival is a community-based film festival in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. In 2020 we held the festival in a dual mode as on-ground and online, in order to welcome film fans in our community and across the world. We have screened films from 30 different countries, out of the films we have received from more than 50 countries all over the world. The worldwide pandemic makes our ambition to connect filmmakers and film lovers in the city of Kadoma difficult, but we are still going at it.

Kadoma is a commuter city in Osaka, probably most famously known for the Panasonic headquarter, but strangely it's a city with no movie theater. In 2016 our festival director Takashi Nasu founded Kadoma Film Commission to produce community-based films and invite filmmakers to the city of Kadoma. With the enthusiasm and passionate encouragement from the Kadomanians, he launched the film festival in 2018 without any official funding. The movie-loving Kadoma people voluntarily participated to help run the festival. For its success, the festival and the director have been honored with the regional development and cultural activities awards.

Surrounded by Kyoto, Nara, and the main part of Osaka, Kadoma is a great hub to get around, in addition to the festival. You are guaranteed with big smiles and good hearts from the people of Kadoma, too. We grant artistically-made certificates by calligrapher Taijun Nagayama, including Governor's Award and Mayor's Award in addition to the regular awards.

The 2021 Foreign (Non-Japanese) Film categories accept:

Narrative Feature
Narrative Short
Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
Dance Feature
Dance Short
Animation Short

Non-Japanese Language only! (*Except for Dance as long as it's by a Non-Japan-based company/production.)

Awards will be announced on October 10th at the award ceremony, the finale of the festival. The winners will get our official certificates artistically made by a renowned calligrapher Taijun Nagayama.

You must fully comply with the rules and regulations to be eligible for the official selection in Kadoma International Film Festival (KIFF) 2021.

1) You must hold all necessary legal rights for your submission, including permission to use any copyrighted material. KIFF assumes no responsibility for any infringement claim from third-parties and holds absolute rights to disqualify such entries.
2) Submissions are through FilmFreeway only. Vimeo/YouTube is accepted through the entry form.
3) By submission, you agree to give permission for the KIFF to use excerpts of your film and images for promotional purposes.
4) The screening may be held both on-ground and online if the situation calls for it.
5) Screening committee determines which films to be shown in the festival. Submission does not guarantee the selection.
6) Entry fees are final and not refundable.
7) Subtitles (English, or Japanese) are strongly encouraged. If selected, KIFF will request an English subtitle/caption file to prepare a Japanese subtitle.
8) In case of increment weather, pandemic, or other unpredictable incidents, the screening may be cancelled upon governmental guidelines. Participants will be notified.

Overall Rating
  • I could not attend the festival, but my Japanese friends who represented my documentary were all so happy about the festival, the hospitality, selected films and etc. Thanks for awarding Osaka: a city symphony. I'm going to print the diploma and hang it in my office. :)

    August 2020
  • Kateryna Tiurina

    Kadoma International Film Festival really good fest. Guys are professional. They like work and gift others good mood. Thanks for your personality approach.

    August 2020
  • Jing Sun

    Thank you KIFF for including Prey!!! Even though I couldn't make it visit Kadoma in person, it's a great chance to have Prey screened at Kadoma, Japan! Thanks again!

    August 2019
  • thank you for taking the time to organize the festival and giving "I am Zal" the chance to be a part of this great event and win the Golden Lotus Root award. for me, it was a golden opportunity and I look forward to the future editions. keep up the good work!

    August 2019
  • YuHui Yang

    Carrying a trophy home is a plus, but the essence of going to film festivals for me as a filmmaker is having conversation with other filmmakers and the audience.
    It was amazing how being only in its second year and all run by the volunteers, it was highly professional and super communicative. I had a great time there exchanging ideas with others and learned a lot for my next project I'm developing. Highly recommend!

    August 2019