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Kadhie Aambat Kadhie Goad

The story begins with Aaba saheb wanting Vikram to settle down and focus on the family business. Vikram informs Aaba of his college sweetheart Kranti. Wanting to ensure that Vikram's marries a girl with the right values, Aaba chalks out a plan to get Kranti to stay with them for a few days so as to gauge her nature and character before marriage.

However, fate has planned for its own twist in Aaba's well scripted drama. Instead of the expected Kranti, Manjiri ends up in their house. Infact, its Vikram who gets Manjiri to masquerade as Kranti.

Concurrently Aaba's adopted son Krushna is in love with the milkmaid Radha, and needs to fulfil three conditions set by her father Marutrao to marry her. Aaba's idea helps Krushna win over Marutrao's conditions, setting tone for a parallel Comedy track in the film.

Meanwhile at Home, Kranti/Manjiri wins over Aaba saheb's heart. He is happy about his son's choice and talks of their marriage. Just then comes another unexpected twist.

Aaba's is informed that the Kranti in their house is an imposter and the real Kranti's mom comes from a questionable background. Soon, enters the real Kranti with her mother in tow.

Aware of the facade, that Kranti and her mom are putting up, Aaba chalks out another drama to enlighten his son of their real intentions and for him to marry Manjiri, but of his own free will…

As the title suggests, “Kadhie Aambat, Kadhie Goad” is full of 'Sometime’s Sweet & Sometime’s Tangy' moments that reflects life's realities in a startlingly simple way.

  • Amol Bhave
    Peter, Great Maratha, Patla Tar Ghya etc.
  • Amol Bhave
    Peter, Patla Tar Ghya
  • Priyank Puranik
    Abharkha (Desire)
  • Jitendra Adappa
    Abharkha (Desire)
  • Ashok Saraf
    Key Cast
  • Mangesh Desai
    Key Cast
  • Madhav Deochakke
    Key Cast
  • Nisha Parulekar
    Key Cast
  • Pallavi Ajay Patil
    Key Cast
  • Tanvie Kishore
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Kadhie Aambat Kadhie Goad
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  • Runtime:
    2 hours 10 minutes
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Amol Bhave