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KZA BLUZA - Magla manira

Songwriter: Kiza Bluza, Zajecar / Belgrade / Čačak, Serbia
Directed and edited by: Iva Plavšić, Zapruđe / Zagreb / ​​Croatia
Authors of photos: Fjodor Feđa Klarić Gordan Nia Davor Pasković Zrinka Uglešić Sasa Sale Radišić Gordana Topić Mladen Vušković Davorka Dragojevic Sveto Dobrijević Gordana Miloš Ivana Mushurita Hrvoje Bakšaj
Biography (Zoran Mladenovic - Kiza Bluza) or a short story retrospective of the beginning, middle and present from a subjective-objective angle. Love of music, guitar and singing - I owe it to my dad Stojan Mladenovic-that Stolet who gave me his acoustic CutWay Melody Menges LesPaul guitar and taught me some chords and rhythms and how the guitar is stimulated - dates back to my 12th year when I made heaven and earth merge into one for all time. I started getting a lot of different music on cassettes to record myself thanks to my friends from elementary school, and also thanks to the "older" of us who were fans of good-quality music and who got-supported us kids from the city team. From Dead Kennedys through Pistols, Clash, Joy Division, Exploited, Ramones, Stray Cats, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Bob Dylan to everything that was quality at home scene of SFR Yugoslavia - Punk, Rock, Psychodellic, even Pop and electro music. Thanks to the music, I remained a good guy. Luckily, I primarily had all the support of my parents, but my dad is my dad and that is the "real dad". It is a pity that he rinted a lot for all of us, but if it were not so, a lot of things would surely be completely different. So the imagination is starting to take precedence over the real, but ajoooj how I just had to learn so they wouldn’t take away my guitar for punishment. He starts dreaming about the band and his music career. The first team was me and my peer. Dragan Jovanovic - Yondi who played drums from cardboard boxes. The first electric guitar was called the IRIS Jolana telecaster, and the first piazzol was the Ei-Nis radio, which also had a 5-pole jack as an input for some sound source. Over time, that crazy-clinical energy crystallized and was reduced to more realistic and serious teams. When we rehearsed enough, we formed a PUNK band called KoalicijA, which included my friend from the elementary school Dusan Kovacevic - Kovac as a bass guitarist and Nenad in the team better known as Nedja as a vocal soloist. At some point, instead of Nedja, Gagi - Galjega Jr., in his personal opinion, a very talented punk from the team, takes over the place of vocals, but unfortunately for my big plans, it all falls apart when he left the band, because he wanted to get serious and stop behave and be a hundred until then. In the same period of work of that PunK band, the band Jelizaveta Bam - JEB 1988/89 started working and I can say that the definite primacy in my life. otherwise the winner of the Guitar Festival in Zajecar in 1999. by the decision of the jury headed by Nikola Vrsnjkovic, the 3K-RTS team and Sasa Bonovic. Thanks to my friend Milan Zdravkovic - a lyricist, composer, idea leader - I learned the "craft of original music" with the honor of learning from a true grandmaster. Unfortunately, this band works very sporadically, but we still manage to have Zdravkovic's songs recorded in the form of AudioStudio Format from time to time. The last material called "Seven bright grays" was recorded in Zajecar, in the studio of our friend and singer of the band GMO Zeljko - Japi last 2020, which is not so bad considering that we live in different cities and parts of the globe. There were other bands like: RockAndRoll Kids, Demons, Jim Beam, Great Jim Beam, Blues Beam, Rubber Man, Al Jazeera, Black and Red. In 2004 I moved from Zajecar to Belgrade, enrolling in Bozidar Adzija as a sound engineer, so thanks also to friends like Kristina Kica Lung and her twin sister Katarina, Bojan Lung, Roland, Deska and the rest of the team, I survive working with Boki in his studio at Zvezdara -Skalamerija- and occasionally playing with friends in some Belgrade clubs. I meet Vladan Rajovic (drummer of KKN) who suggests that I form a band with his brother Nikola Rajovic, so we form Kiza End Blues Band - KBB in which the bassist was also the only and original member of JEB Srdjan Nikolic - Floksi generational and school a comrade whose camaraderie has also grown into a friendship for all time. And so we, KBB, played for a good 10 years every Friday and Saturday throughout Serbia - clubs, big and small stages, bike rallies, festivals, etc. in 2015. we are recording in our studio the debut album "Ponovo mlad" which was released only in digital-online edition under the auspices of the publishing house Odlican Hrcak. What I was working on as a soloist at the time of the corona in my studio should be the so-called second KBB album. I hope to be able to find a publisher and sponsor to physically release the album. That's the way things are, dear people. Copyright: storyblocks

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    KIZA BLUZA - Magla manira
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    4 minutes 37 seconds
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