KQED Presents is not a film festival.

KQED provides Public Media for Northern California.

We are an opportunity to air your independently produced film or TV series via the public broadcasting system (I.e. PBS, APT, NETA) both locally and nationally.

Our station prides itself as a home and resource for independent producers looking for television broadcast opportunities.

Local Distribution:

KQED's local television programming aims to be the voice of the community. KQED seeks to bring the breadth and range of cultures and perspectives to viewers through its local TV programming. We accept programs of broadcast length, ideally 26:46, 56:46, or 1:26:46.

National Distribution:

For a fee, KQED Presents provides national distribution services for a limited number of independent producers to the public media system. KQED customizes the services it offers to each production, but overarchingly support includes workflow guidance, packaging assistance, station relation services, social media strategy development, communications outreach, and Nielsen reports. A fee for these services is negotiated with the producer after KQED has reviewed the submitted materials and has expressed an interest in presenting the program.

For more information and complete guidelines: kqed.org/tv/produce

We rely on the creative and resourceful spirit of the Bay Area community to help create public television productions that inform, entertain, and inspire our viewers. It is our desire to draw upon and promote native talent both locally and nationally.

When KQED accepts a program for air, it enters into a licensing agreement with the independent producer for broadcast of the program. As copyright holder, the independent producer remains solely responsible for clearing any and all rights.

All programs must be of broadcast quality and will be evaluated by station engineers. Acceptable formats for air are digibeta, beta or HDcam. KQED can also accept programs via our FTP site, Dropbox and WeTransfer. All programs must also have Closed Captioning and must be submitted with a captioning certificate.

KQED's schedule is determined two months in advance. Generally, licensed programs are first aired between six months to one year after the execution of the license agreement. KQED will contact the producer once the program has been scheduled.

We aim to respond to our series submission inquiries within 3-6 weeks following initial outreach.