This festival aims to Honor and Award films that have pulled off applauds and hearts from their audiences through their form of storytelling. Kashmir is a place where talent is immeasurable but it's yet to be touched. With KIFCF we're providing for the first time to the people of Kashmir a festival that could showcase arts and media work in a single event and bring celebration with a feeling of vibrancy and excitement.

Certificate of honor and Official Laurel will be awarded to winners and semi-finalists of the festival.

#Submission Deadline: 25-May-2021
#Event Date: 14-June-2021
#Results Date: 15-Aug-2021
#Certificates: 30-Aug-2021

**Know that Laurels and Certificates can be provided early as possible to individuals at request.

1. No work should be mailed by any means
2. Only Vimeo/YouTube links, which are password protected, be entertained for submission.
3. Once selected, the preferred video format will be conveyed and asked for.
4. Festival Date might change according to the situation.
5. Know that our festival takes a month to month and a half for results to list on the website after the event has concluded. And, certificates will be released immediately after the results are made public.

Feature Narrative
Should be over 50 min in length. All genres are accepted. Comedy, Drama, Family, and Fantasy will be given bonus points.

Feature Documentary
Should be over 60 min in length and all genres are accepted

Narrative Short
Should be less than 20 min in length, and all genres are accepted

Can be of any length but only Comedy, Drama, Family, and Fantasy genres are accepted

Overall Rating
  • Arun Bhagath K

    A very professional festival. Communication is very good. Happy to get selected in this reputed festival

    June 2021
  • Jaime Geronimo Vela

    Good festival. Honored that my film was selected as an award winner. Due to covid though the networking was really not there. But not the festivals fault. Thanks again. It was an honor to be a part of the festival.

    June 2021
  • Shashidhar BR

    A great film festival in a great city .
    As cool & awesome as the name suggests KASHMIR 💖

    June 2021
  • High quality festival. We are delighted to be part of this great and wonderful family.

    June 2021
  • Nataliia Shepelevych

    Thanks a lot for being part of Kashmir Festival! It was realy nice and unexpected to get such high marks, being on opposite sides of the globe! It seems slavics and indians realy have a lot in common. Also thank you for fast responding on e-mails, it was very valuable.

    January 2021