Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition is dedicated to discover new filmmakers and to enhance cultural exchanges through short films. We are extremely looking forward to bringing your culture and short film to Taiwan.

The competition includes 3 sections: Taiwan Competition, International Competition and VR Competition.

***Please note, this Freefreeway page is for 2022 VR Competition submission only. If you're looking for submitting your films to KFF Taiwan or International Competition, please visit our website for instruction (https://www.kff.tw/EN/shortfilm/Briefing) ***

VR Golden Fireball Award - One / US$ 6,000
VR Immersive Award - One / US$ 2,000
VR360 Award - One / US$ 2,000
VR Special Mention - One / US$ 1,000

VR Competition
Full regulation download: https://www.kff.tw/EN/shortfilm/Briefing

1. Works completed between January 1st, 2021 and June 15th, 2022 (submission deadline).
2. Any type of VR work in any length can be submitted to the selection committee. Works already submitted to previous editions cannot be resubmitted with the same version; even with a new title.
3. Non-English language projects must have English subtitles or an English dubbed version at the time submitted.
4. No premiere status is required, but World premiere, International premiere and Asian premiere projects will be given priority.

【Screener Format】
1. If MP4 is the format of your submitted video; please provide a 360 MP4 link for downloading. (For images and audio format supporting, please visit: https://reurl.cc/arrZOZ)
2. If your submitted work is an application or in other format, please provide materials below: (1) 2D Playthrough MP4 or a MOV. File and (2) links to download your submitted work.

*** Submitted information and uploaded files will be used in nomination announcements, award announcements, printed Festival booklets and the award ceremony. Please ensure all details are accurate. Participants are responsible for any errors or omissions in the application. ***

【Official Selection and Awards Announcements】
The Official Selection will be announced on the festival’s official website (https://www.kff.tw) no later than August 31st, 2022. Nominees will be notified via email. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony of KFF International Short Film Competition in late October, and the full list will be updated on the official website.

【Rights and Obligations of Participants】
1. Participants agree to grant the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung Film Archive and any affiliated or authorized third parties without recompense the right to reproduce, adapt or edit 10% or under three minutes of the submitted film to be publicly screened, performed, recited or displayed at the 2022 Kaohsiung Film Festival (hereinafter as “KFF”) International Short Film Competition and related activities. In addition, participants also agree that other provided information such as texts, materials, and any other files received by KFF can be used for promotional purposes and other festival-related activities. All aforementioned rights include but are not limited to producing it into DVD, translating it into different languages or adding Chinese/English subtitles. The 10% or under three-minute clip can be provided by the participants.
2. The rights for all dubs, scores, texts and images used in the film must have been acquired from the creator(s) to be reproduced, adapted, or be publicly screened, performed, recited, displayed, broadcast or transmitted. Any copyright disputes resulting from showing the film shall be on full responsibility of the participants. If deemed necessary, the Organizers have the right to ask participants to provide proof of licensing and sign a music copyright affidavit for documentation.
3. By completing the submission, all participants shall agree to the Festival rules and policies, and shall not withdraw submission for any reason. The submitter, creator, producer, distributor or affiliated individuals or companies are obliged to ensure the legality of the submitted film. The Organizers have the final decision on the film's eligibility for competition.

【Rights and Obligations of Nominees】
1. Once the film is selected, the participant shall not withdraw from the competition for any reason. Nominees are strongly encouraged to attend Festival-related activities and the award ceremony. Designated amount of transportation allowance and accommodation will be offered by The Organizers.
2. Nominees own the copyrights of their films but grant the Organizers without recompense the right to use, edit, reproduce, download or publicly display the nominated films, still images, service marks and other submitted documents at KFF’s sole discretion to market, promote and display for the Festival.
3. Nominees must provide a screening copy that complies with the Organizers’ tech guidelines. If the copy does not follow the guidelines, the Organizers have the final decision on the film’s eligibility for competition.

【Rights and Obligations of Winners】
1. Winning works are agreed to fully authorize Kaohsiung Film Archive for one month exhibition in VR FILM LAB without any charges. The exact exhibition dates are to be discussed upon the winners and the organizers.
2. The recipient of the award certificate, trophy or prize money will be appointed by the film crew. In case of any dispute, the award recipient/payee should be the director, and the Organizers will determine the recipient through documents provided by the winner. An authorization form must be provided if the recipient is not the awarded person him/herself. Winners will assume all legal responsibilities.
3. In accordance with Taiwan’s Income Tax Act, if the prize value is equal to or over NT$20,000, the winner is required to pay 10% of its value as income tax. If the winner has no domicile within the territory of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or resides within the territory of Taiwan (R.O.C.) for a period of fewer than 183 days during a taxable year, the income should be taxed at 20%.

1. It is the sole responsibility of the participants if submitted films contain copyrighted material that is used without legal permissions. If the winning film is confirmed to have violated copyright regulations, all award certificates, trophies, medals and prize money must be returned. If the submitted film uses other copyrighted materials, please provide copyright statements including copyright source and permission upon submission.
2. Kaohsiung Film Archive reserves the right to amend and make public the above regulations if found lacking, as well as the right to the interpretations and final decision on the competition’s regulations, selection process and competition results.

Overall Rating
  • Stephen Butchko

    If you feel like it's a fit, please submit your project to the Kaohsiung Film Festival. This is a festival that appreciates artists and will welcome you with open arms! They have become our distant Taiwanese family.

    November 2022
  • Francis Gelinas

    Great festival, super team that takes care of their participants!

    November 2021
  • Milad Tangshir

    Great Festival and definitely a must.

    November 2020
  • Hai Wen HSU

    I spend very good time in Festival!

    May 2020
  • Very friendly festival,very friendly city.

    November 2019