Justin Eugene Evans' previous film, A Lonely Place For Dying, was accepted in 46 film festivals, nominated for 53 awards, won 29 awards including 18 best feature film awards. Justin then took a leave of absence from filmmaking for 8 years to invent a new type of cinema lighting system, now known as Anthem One. To learn more about his invention, visit www.anthemone.com.
He has returned to filmmaking with a Science-Fiction/Western short film entitled Honor Among Thieves. The film has played in 108 film festivals where it has garnered more than 80 nominations and 40 awards including 20 for best short film.
Justin's engineering skills include mechanical, electrical, mechtronic, optical, and thermodynamics. He worked in 18 factories throughout China to teach himself the fundamentals of modern manufacturing. He taught himself basic Mandarin so he could navigate the world of Chinese and Southeast Asia manufacturing.
With his new skills, he built Anthem One, Inc. and sold the company for 61 million dollars. He recently began EvansWerks, Inc., allowing him to work on both engineering and media.
As an adult with Asperger's Syndrome, he often feels slightly out of step. Justin's son, David, is also Autistic and his wife is a college culinary instructor at an Autistic school in Wisconsin. Together, they educate non-Autistics about Autism and advocate for Autistic acceptance.
Justin splits his time between invention and filmmaking.
New York University's Tisch School of the Arts
Film & Television Production
Birth Date
March 1, 1973
Birth City
Current City
New Berlin