As the first genre film festival in China, JUST FILM FESTIVAL will have its first edition in 2017.
There are four main parts of the festival: Screening, Pitching Session, Forum and Carnival for Cinema. By calling for outstanding films and projects of Fantastic and Sic-Fi genres, it wants to catch worldwide attention to Chinese genre films, and then to promote the communication of domestic and international filmmakers and industry professionals, as well as to integrate resources to improve the production environment of Chinese films.

Feature Films Section
· Classics Retrospective Screening
· New Currents Screening
(Basically fantastic and sci-fi films)

Films resources: China Film Archive (Beijing)/ Domestic distribution companies/ Public calling for entry

Duration: one week/ Tickets available for public

China Film Archive and distribution companies will select films to be awarded as the Recommended Film by the festival.

Short Films Section
Totally open entry to domestic and international short films.

Selectors consist of professionals from other film festivals and institutions, universities, and video platform websites.

All selected films will be screened ont only during the event, but also in the round-show in China. All awarded directors will be invited to the Project for Young Talents, with supporting of finance and resources for his/her next film.

All nominated short films can take part in the pitching session, seeking for opportunities to make the short film to be cinematic feature film.